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Video: Can a detox diet help you look and feel better?

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    >>> "today's" kitchen. on the lighter side. this morning, we take a look at the martha's vineyard diet detox, a tough 21-day regime with juices and soups only for three weeks.

    >> the author behind one pound a day. she's a registered nurse and has a phd in natural health . madelyn fernstrom is "today's" diet and nutrition editor.

    >> we should mention, steve currently on the program. good morning to all of you. steve , your on it right now, like on day six.

    >> i'm on day six right now.

    >> what is it and what is it like?

    >> for me it's a great way to get healthy and cleanse out my system and give it all a chance to rejuvenate and start over again. i've been putting a lot of bad stuff in it, processed foods . it helps me clear it out. side effect , benefit is that i'm going to lose weight . the real benefit for me is to get healthy.

    >> the book makes clear people don't understand the toxins that our bodies take in all the time. this is sort of a way to try to reverse that, right?

    >> absolutely. it's over 300 different toxins that we come across on a daily basis. so this is a program for 21 days only fruits and juices to transform you from the inside out. and not only do you lose weight , but the whole purpose behind this program is to get healthy.

    >> how is it different from all the juice cleanse that are the big craze right now?

    >> right now we tell everyone, this program is -- you have to be really careful. you just can't go out and drink five, six different juices in a day. you have to be careful of the sugar content. but the way i designed the program is for many years of studying the science behind detoxing. it's convenient. packages that we use are vegetable and fruit based. you're not drinking sugar all day but drinking vitamins and minerals and vital nutrients. the whole thing is designed for you to get healthy. you not only lose the weight but deinflame your body. your skin looks better, hair looks better. at the end of 21 days your focus and memory -- you just feel healthy and lighter.

    >> i hear you saying yes to all these things.

    >> i did it before but i only did it for 14 days. in the 14 days, my focus was really good. i was really sharp. but i lost 18 pounds, but i was really clear. i'm on it right now and i'm not lethargic or anything. you really do get the energy.

    >> madelyn, are there concerns about going for 21 days without any solid food to speak of?

    >> the issue is not solid food but the protein. the really low level of protein for a few weeks. after a couple of days, your body gets it from itself and that's the protein source like muscles. that's something to be aware of. if your body can tolerate that, you're a healthy person like steve , you're doing well on this. the important thing is to not extend beyond, as roni says, 21 days . you're reintroducing real foods and lots of protein. and that's why it's always important to talk to your doctor if you want to do this. as steve said last time he went on it for 14 days. you really have to listen to your body. when you're feeling great, you're do iing fine. if you don't feel great -- roni, i'm sure you've seen many people like this as well. you have to have a heads up. if you have any medical illness and you're not 100% a healthy person, heart issues, diabetes.

    >> if i go 21 days without ice cream or fried chicken on the 22nd day i'm going to want some, right?

    >> what's to keep you going from right back where you were 21 days earlier?

    >> it's a lot of information. go to my website and grab the book and the program. the martha vineyard's diet detox. one thing you have to remember is in one day you get more nutrition in one day on this program than the average person gets in two weeks. on the third or fourth day, you're not hungry. after 21 days , you have to transition yourself back to a healthy lifestyle not for a week but for life. that's what the book is going to teach you. it's going to teach you how to be healthy forever.

    >> have you been able to do that, steve ? can you go back to regular eating in a healthy way?

    >> yeah, yeah, yeah. except this time i'll be more focused about it. and i didn't lose muscle tone last time.

    >> i can tell that.

    >> i got you boys in college.

    >> you have to find a plan that works.

    >> ronni deluz, madelyn fernstrom, thank you very much. steve will stick around and dish out some relationship advice. first your

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updated 2/18/2013 8:35:50 AM ET 2013-02-18T13:35:50

Roni DeLuz, founder of Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat, and James Hester outline a cleansing detox diet that they say will help you lose weight, feel better and rid your body of accumulated toxins. Read an excerpt.

No Chewing?
It's Easier Than You Think

Just the thought of a detox probably sounds like deprivation to you. Doing the 1 Pound a Day Diet Detox does take commitment, but the payoff is worth the effort. Unless you try it, you will never know how great you can feel and how fabulous you will look when you flush out all the toxins that are stressing your body. Consider it a one-month adventure in uncharted territory that leads to the fountain of youth. Time and again we hear from our detoxers that the cleansing month flies by. It is an exciting time. The changes they experience so quickly create momentum and motivation to keep going. You take time off or go on vacation to relax and restore yourself. It’s a start, but don’t you think your entire body deserves a major holiday, too? Give it a rest. That means more than just reducing everyday stress and getting enough sleep. You have to go deep to give your organs a break.

Mother Nature did not design your body to mop up the thousands of manmade chemicals that are poisoning you from the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the cleaning and personal grooming products you use, even the clothes you wear. Toxic chemicals accumulate in your organs and make your body sluggish. Toxins affect the way your body metabolizes food and eliminates waste. The end result: those unwanted pounds. Unless you do something about it, toxic overload will overwhelm your body as it struggles to expel damaging chemicals, and you will eventually get sick.

Everything goes more smoothly when your house is in order. Commit yourself to discovering how light you can feel when you clean up from the inside out. You know how great it is to organize your closet and wardrobe and get rid of clothes you never wear that crowd your drawers and closets.

Putting yourself together in the morning becomes a pleasure instead of a mad dash with clothing, accessories, and shoes tossed everywhere. The same is true for your body. It functions more smoothly when toxins do not jam up the works. We are offering you a way to take care of your body like the prized possession it is. You will be amazed as your weight drops steadily. You will like what you see in the mirror — glowing skin, clear bright eyes, glossier hair. The 1 Pound a Day Diet Detox is the ultimate natural beauty treatment, but it has many other powerful benefits that will improve your life. People who have done the program have reported:

• Supercharged energy and less need to sleep or nap

• Better mental clarity, memory, focus

• Fewer headaches and backaches

• Reduction of arthritis, knee, and joint pain

• Fewer colds and a stronger immune system

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• Reduction of cellulite

• Improved acne, eczema, and other skin conditions

• Breaking addictions for sugar, caffeine, and nicotine

• Slowing down hair loss

• Stronger fingernails and shining hair

• Reduction of digestive problems

• Restoration of regularity

1 Pound a Day will give you the tools you need to transform your life, to go from blah to radiant. Think of this cleansing detox as a jump start for lifestyle changes that will last forever.

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The 1 Pound A Day Diet Detox not only cleanses the organs of your body of accumulated toxins but also nourishes your body on a cellular level. The terms “cleanse” and “detox” have become interchangeable, but there is a distinction. A cleanse primarily focuses on clearing the digestive tract, so that waste does not build up. Our detox eliminates toxins from the organs, the bloodstream, and the entire body, and replenishes the nutrients the body needs to heal and regenerate. This powerful detox uses fresh vegetable juices, pureed vegetable soups, homemade broths, teas, dried and liquid phytonutrients from green vegetables, and antioxidants to fight inflammation, improve joint health, and boost the immune system; probiotics to enhance digestion; and anti-aging compounds.

Gallery Books
Get ready not to chew for twenty-one days, and then to add solid food in a very controlled way during the next nine. Not eating solid food for that length of time might seem challenging, but your organs need a rest. Your body needs to repair itself from toxic damage while getting maximum nutrition. Thirty minutes a day of gentle exercise will support the detox process. We are not suggesting that you do a hard workout at the gym or go to a fast-paced aerobics class. That would stress your body too much while you are detoxing. Instead, we recommend a thirty-minute walk or yoga session each day. You can break your exercise into two fifteen-minute walks or sessions if that works better for you.

In the purifying process of the detox, normal hunger disappears as your organs do the work of cleansing. When you provide your body with the nutrients it needs on a cellular level, you will be surprised to see that your appetite changes. Hunger pangs and unhealthy food cravings vanish.

If you are not yet persuaded that detoxing is for you, the first chapter, Why Detox?, will convince you how important a deep cleanse is for your health. If detoxing seems like something wacko that health fanatics do, that chapter will change your mind. By the time you finish reading it, you will be determined to flush toxins from your system, lose weight, and transform your life.

Excerpted from 1 Pound a Day. Copyright © 2013 by Gallery Books. Excerpted by permission of Gallery Books. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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