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We're almost two weeks into 2013 and whether you've made New Year's resolutions or just looking for a way to better organize your ongoing goals, we’ve got apps to help you get – and stay -- on track this year.

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Organize Your Work and Personal Life.
Dropbox allows you to store files, photos and videos in the cloud and access them on all of your devices. It also allows you to share files with business partners, customers and service providers. Atlanta-based personal productivity expert Peggy Duncan recommends Dropbox to her clients. "The key to using it is to organize files the right way," Duncan says.

She suggests using broad categories and then narrowing them down into files (for example: Administrative, HR, Legal, Marketing, etc.). By creating a file structure, Duncan says, "people find what they need when they need it, without looking through rows of search results." To protect sensitive data, Duncan recommends using a free apps like AxCrypt  or Wickr  to encrypt files. Wickr and AxCrypt are only available for iOS at this time, while Dropbox is available for iOS and Android.

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Gain control of your health and fitness.
One of the most popular weight loss apps, MyFitnessPal allows you to track calories and fat burned and how much exercise you've logged. It helps you maintain or lose weight by imputing basic information such as your current height and weight and how many pounds you want to lose per week. The app then calculates how many calories and fat grams you can consume each day to meet that goal. Available for iOS and Android.

Revamp your to do list.
Do is an easy to use "social productivity app" designed to help you get your work done by organizing all of your projects, tasks, and bringing everyone involved in one place. You can invite colleagues, customers, lawyers and accountants to participate in separate projects, and control who can see each project.

The app also lets you track deals in the pipeline as well as communicate with key people involved in various projects. You can also create task lists and invite team members to the list to participate in a newsfeed regarding the status of each task. Available for iOS and Android.

Brainstorm more effectively.
If you're a more visual person, check out SimpleMind+ (for iOS) and Mindmaps Lite (for Android). These apps allow you to create "maps" or visual representations of your ideas by arranging, color coding and changing shapes of text bubbles to help with decision making or organizing elements of a project or new idea. To change connections between ideas, simply tap and drag the text bubbles to arrange. You can export the maps to share with colleagues or business associates.

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