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Video: Love conductor: Matchmaker spots clients on subway

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    >> now for some help if you've been looking for love in all the wrong places. nbc's katy tur explains. good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning. if you're single and looking and don't want to do speed dating or online dating or don't want to get set up by your friends, have you ever tried looking on your morning commute? one matchmaker is doing just, that and if you've been on a new york city subway and cbs all of the good looking people that are down there, you know that this is probably a pretty good idea. in a city of 8 million, you never know who you're going to meet on a new york city street. so this love story , we have to go underground.

    >> the real conductor. "l" for love.

    >> reporter: quick on her feet, eyes on the prize .

    >> let's see what we've got.

    >> reporter: fingers at the ready.

    >> here's the hat. everyone loves the hat.

    >> reporter: she's known as the love conductor. erica christianon is searching the subway for romance. diego, how old a fellow are you? do you know how cute you are? what kind of person are you looking for?

    >> would you ever consider signing up for my services and letting me help you find the love of your life? you're going to be a breeze with that face, 28. i can't wait. will you really e-mail she

    >> reporter: 31-year-old matchmaker doesn't use algorithms, no massive computer database . for her it's all gut. are you single by any chance?

    >> i'm single.

    >> how is that possible?

    >> do you go on the train and try to hook people up.

    >> reporter: her business is called train spotting. if she sees someone she likes.

    >> any chance you're single.

    >> reporter: single and game for an adventure.

    >> i'm a matchmaker.

    >> reporter: they get her card. christianon charges anywhere between $39 and $446 per month for her services which can include love matching, coaching and a perfectly planned out date, love conductor style.

    >> i set people up on mystery dates, and that's always fun. you know, sometimes i'll give them code names. they meet somewhere. opera singer who rides horses.

    >> that would be great.

    >> very specific, susana.

    >> and their a baritone, that's really fine. is there something romantic about the thought of what could come next, something you'd tell your grandkids?

    >> oh, yeah. if she manages to hook me up with the man of my dreams, that will be great.

    >> reporter: so is she successful? eliot says so. you hit it off?

    >> hit it off. it's been going strong , about a month and a half now. we'll see where it goes.

    >> reporter: but why the train?

    >> i think that you are getting the absolute best cross-section of all new york has to offer in the subway.

    >> you have my card. please get in touch if you want to. throw me an e-mail, and we eel go find her.

    >> okay.

    >> maybe on the train.

    >> maybe on the train.

    >> reporter: luck and love and locomotion.

    >> let's talk a little bit more about erik's success rate. pretty new, has a few dozen clients, but what she does say is she has been successful in marrying one couple. one that's still going strong , a few other second dates. as for erica herself, no, she's not single, despite what you saw in the video there, looks like she's flirting a lot, not single, and no, she did not meet her beau on the train.

    >> katy tur, thanks so much.

TODAY contributor
updated 11/28/2012 9:08:02 AM ET 2012-11-28T14:08:02

In the world of dating, single people have a few options. They can use online dating services (uncertain), meet people in bars (fraught with peril), or meet future dates through mutual friends (potentially awkward).

Or — OR! — if they live in New York and ride the subway regularly, they can leave the whole matter in the hands of the “Love Conductor.”

Not familiar with the Love Conductor yet? Her actual name is Erika Christensen, and she prides herself on her knack for spotting true-love potential on trains. On subways in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the 31-year-old is running an ultra-personalized matchmaking service that tends to astonish unsuspecting participants.

Christensen approached several people in a subway station for a segment on TODAY Wednesday. Her question for them was abrupt: “Are you single?” she asked, before handing out her business card, which says, “You’ve been spotted.”

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“You're going to be a breeze with that face,'' she told one 28-year-old man.

Christensen, who blogs and tweets about her exploits, has about 12 clients who spend between $39 and $456 a month for matches, coaching services and date planning. Her Train Spotting website describes her as “the first matchmaker to go underground — targeting New York’s 1.6 billion subway riders, many of whom are the most alluring, creative and energetically sexy on earth. Ever been on the L train on a Friday night?? It’s practically a runway!”

"I think that you are getting the absolute best cross-section of all New York has to offer in the subway,'' Christensen told TODAY.

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The West Virginia native, who is not single and did not meet her boyfriend on the train, said she’s been fascinated by the culture and energy of New York’s subways ever since she relocated to the Big Apple in 2004. She has used her curiosity to set up unique dates for her clients.

"I have set people on fully curated mystery dates, and that's always fun,'' she said. "Sometimes I'll give them code names (and) they meet somewhere.''

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