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Video: Voting fraud in Florida?

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    >>> well, the republican national committee is in damage control mode after a firm they hired to register voters in florida and four other battleground states was hit with allegations of fraud. republicans abruptly had to cut ties with strategic allied consulting after it was linked to more than 100 questionable forms submitted in of all places, florida 's palm beach county .

    >> some of the information on the florida voter registration forms were trying to register people with addresses in new york. some of the address changes that were being requested on the forms were actually being transferred from a home address to commercial buildings. in one instance, the couple was being reregistered to an address in miami that's a shell gas station .

    >> can't make it up. michael scott , we planned on being joined by chairman of the republican party in florida who had to cancel this morning. mike, walk me through this story and what happened.

    >> it is causing headaches at the rnc this morning. the rnc goes out and hires this firm, newly created firm, strategic allied consulting, run by a somewhat questionable operative, nathan spew. they're asked to register republicans in five battleground states . they hire thousands of workers, over 2,000 in florida , paying them about $12 an hour to go out, go door to door , get registration forms from republican voters. what happens is a couple weeks ago one of the workers drops off at a palm beach county satellite office 308 new registration forms. they go through, the workers go through it, find repeated problems in about 108 of them, including similar signatures, apparently phony signatures, and phony addresses as we just heard, some linked to a shell gas station , a land rover dealership and a medical building in boca. they then call in susan bucher calls in the republican director and he agrees there's a problem, they take it to the palm beach state attorney's office which launches an investigation. the florida republican party freaks out about this. they immediately fire the firm. meanwhile, there are reports of these irregularities growing throughout the state. as of last night, six counties reporting irregularities in voter registration firms in forms from the firm, including according to paul locks, republican supervisor registering of dead people . the rnc obviously they made an issue of voter fraud . they fired the firm nationally. already paid it $3 million. i talked yesterday to shawn spicer, the communications director of the rnc. here is what he said.

    >> it is totally different. we at this point have an allegation, that mere allegation caused us to act swiftly, boldly, sever ties with the firm, we have zero tolerance when it comes to this. the other side clearly engaged a long time in inappropriate behavior. we don't believe it is appropriate and wanted to make swift and bold action to illustrate that.

    >> mike, you can't help but sit there, republican party has been pushing this line, acorn, all of this, and the only evidence this year comes from their side.

    >> exactly. i should say i spoke last night to nathan spruell, he says he is the victim. he says he has strict quality control measures. he goes out, he is furious at the florida republican party for suggesting his firm was involved in voter fraud . you could see lawsuits here which would make it even messier.

    >> michael isikoff , national correspondent. nice work. thanks for that report.


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