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Fix Beauty Bar
New York City's new Fix Beauty blowout bar features a cube-shaped table that includes built-in nail dryers and room for the nail artists to sit in the center while a client is getting her hair done.
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updated 9/25/2012 11:30:56 AM ET 2012-09-25T15:30:56

Leave it to New York City to cater to every beauty niche.

From the town that brought you a luxury doggie day spa and a ponytail hair bar (yep, they just do ponytails) comes a new salon that solves the age-old time question: how can I get my hair and my nails done without taking up my whole day — and my budget?

Enter the recently-opened Fix Beauty Bar, which is specifically designed to allow for a blowout and manicure at the same exact time — at an affordable price. Add in drinks, snacks and socializing — all in the time it takes to get from the office to meet a date for drinks.

Friends, New Yorkers and now entrepreneurs, Michelle Breskin and Karol Markowicz both loved to have their hair and nails done. But making time in their busy schedules for both was a problem.

“There are places you can get your hair done and nails done, but you pretty much end up paying a fortune,” said Breskin, 34, who worked in finance and real estate. “I’d rather have it all done at one time in an hour [in one place] and I’m done.”

Markowicz, a 35-year-old freelance writer, said their venture is the answer for legions of Manhattanites who like to take care of themselves but don’t want to make a day of it. “We feel all New York women are pretty busy. Busy women are our clientele — stay-at-home moms, working moms, non-moms and everyone in between,” she said.

“It’s a very New York kind of thing where we’re all crunched for time but we still want to look good."

While some salons have offered the option of pulling up a portable manicure station to someone getting their hair done, this seems to be the first salon to have specifically designed a two-in-one capability. The blowout bar is arranged with a cube-shaped table that seats eight and includes built-in nail dryers and room for the nail artists to sit in the center. Four other chairs allow for blowouts and pedicures.

In addition to coffee, snacks, muffins and mimosas, wine is offered all day, every day. “If someone wants a glass of wine with their 11:00 A.M. appointment,” Markowicz said, “We’re not going to judge anybody.”

Blow outs are one price, $40, regardless of hair length or texture. Customers can add a simultaneous manicure for $15, pedicure for $35 or all three services for $85.

Fix Beauty Bar
New Yorkers Michelle Breskin and Karol Markowicz say their business is "luxurious, fast and inexpensive — in and out in an hour.”

With reasonable prices (for New York City, at least), Breskin and Markowicz still made sure not to skimp on the basics. They invested in the Rolls Royce of hair dryers — the Sedu Icon Privé — which retails for $700, reaches air speeds of 93 mph and greatly reduces drying time. “I didn’t know that existed,” Markowicz said.

Specialty salons are quite popular these days, with DryBar (“no cuts, no color, just blowouts”) rapidly opening new salons nationwide, and establishments such as the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman opening specialty treatment bars (braids, ponytails).

With vocal jazz piped in to complete their atmosphere though, Fix Beauty Bar owners hope to distinguish themselves by recreating an era when women congregated and socialized at their beauty salons — just in a New York minute.

“We’re in this for the long haul,” Markowicz said. “It’s definitely something we want to see grow and succeed and become something that New York women relate to and know about.”

What do you think? Would you want your hair and nails tended to at the same time? Let us know!

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Video: Restore your aging hands with this new procedure

  1. Closed captioning of: Restore your aging hands with this new procedure

    >>> you can get an eye lift, facelift, butt lift, everything.

    >> botox.

    >> to look younger, but one look at a woman's hands and it's a dead giveaway.

    >> wave good-bye with a minimally invasive treatment. it's called the granny hand lift performed by dr. mitch chasen.

    >> and tara o'leary, the patient, and the nurse. lovely to see you all here today.

    >> doctor, we do have some photos, you said they were not photoshopped so people can get the idea of what the before and the after look like. and this is that, huh?

    >> that was actually my medical assistant just a few days ago. so there's a dramatic improvement in a very rapid fashion. people take real good care of their faces now, but they have to realize the hands are just about as visible as the face.

    >> they don't put sunscreen on and the hands are out in the sun all the time.

    >> they are exposed to the environment, they suffer from the same signs of aging that the face does.

    >> do you put the same stuff you would do for botox in the hands?

    >> not necessarily botox, but lasers and topical products.

    >> i used on my face, which is an awesome thing.

    >> wonderful.

    >> you've already shot up this hand, and it's swollen, but that's usually what happens immediately after. and when does that go back down?

    >> tomorrow, that swelling will be gone and it will look like we've never been there.

    >> we need to know , does it hurt, tara ?

    >> did not hurt. it was just a tiny little pin prick. look at your hands and say i don't know if you need it. why do you think you needed to get that done?

    >> well i use my hands every day, i'm an artist, i create things every day. i'm also not painting the paintings, but framing them, lifting them, installing them, putting 27 paintings in a show at the end of the week. every time i see my hands, they are bulging with veins, because i'm working with them. if i'm sitting like this, they are fine. but when they are constantly in use.

    >> it bothers you. and how long will this last and how much does it cost?

    >> it will last at least a year, subsequently, even longer. it's about $1,000 between the fillers and laser treatments.

    >> for both hands?

    >> you're catching it, obviously, really early, but if you are already older, are you going to get remarkable results?

    >> incredible result.

    >> i'm talking a lot, i hope you don't stick her in front of us.

    >> tara 's smart.

    >> where do you inject it, exactly?

    >> we're going to inject at the base of the happened and we're going to gently massage. it's, essentially, a painless treatment and immediate result.

    >> okay, is this a craze? are more and more people asking for it?

    >> absolutely.

    >> they are?

    >> a lot of people talk with their hands. they don't realize sometimes they say too much.

    >> what are you saying? you're looking at me right now. what do you mean, doctor?

    >> beautiful hands. look at that.

    >> i could use it. oh, you're a diplomat. no, i could use it. i could use a lot of things, but who's got the time?

    >> we want to thank you guys for coming. i want to watch him do it.

    >>> coming up tomorrow, jimmy fallon is here. plus all the guys with kids. and the real housewife, nene? nene leaks. have a great fun day monday, everybody. oh, my god!

    >> does it hurt?

    >> a little.


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