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Video: Fallout over Navy SEAL who wrote book about Bin Laden raid

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    >>> this half hour with the fallout from a new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden , written by one of the navy s.e.a.l.s who participated in the mission. "no easy day" is due out on september 11th . it was published anonymously under the pseudonym mark owen . brandon webb knows the author. he is a former navy s.e.a.l. and

    author of "the red circle: my life in the navy s.e.a.l. sniper corps and how i trained america's deadliest marksmen." good morning. thank you for coming on with us.

    >> good morning, lester.

    >> none of us have read this, including the government folks who perhaps would have like to have cleared it. what are your thoughts, your concerns about its release?

    >> you know, having known the author, i think that, you know, you have a situation where this book is being heavily marketed as a tell-all, blow-by-blow account, but i think people are going to be surprised when they actually dig into the book and read it, that they're probably -- i would be very surprised if there's any type of sensitive or classified information in the book, because the consequences would just be really severe.

    >> i mean, is that the rub, the question of whether there's something sensitive in there, or is there a sense that he's violating really the principles of s.e.a.l.s? i had a s.e.a.l. commander years ago tell me, he says if we do our job right, no one knows we were there, nobody knows we did it.

    >> yeah, i think there's a little bit of that, you know. having written a book myself, there is always a fine line between, you know, the timeliness of a book. so you know, there are people in the community that feel probably a little bit betrayed by this, but again, i think this is a situation where a guy's getting out and he's writing a memoir. and i would be shocked if there's anything really revealing, even though it's being hyped up.

    >> if he were to write this book ten years from now, would you have as much concern about it as you would the fact that it's coming out so soon after the raid?

    >> no, because the problem is, you know, because of the -- because it is coming out so soon, there are a lot more concerns about operational security and other operators that are at risk, you know. even fox news releasing this guy's name creates a situation, a threat chain where, essentially, it does put other people at risk.

    >> well, we're not mentioning his name on this broadcast, but i know you know him and you have spoken to him about whether he should write this book. can you tell me about your conversations and what his thoughts were?

    >> well, our conversation was almost a year ago, and it was more around just the consequences of writing a book, not necessarily a conversation about operational security and sensitive information . it was more of once you put yourself out there in the public, you know, there are consequences. and you know, in this particular situation, there is a group in the middle east , a terrorist group that's already put a -- come out publicly and put a hit out on this particular individual. so, you know, that guys are knowingly -- you know, this guy knew going into it that that potential existed. so, our conversation was a little bit more around what, just the consequences of putting yourself out there publicly.

    >> brandon, as a journalist, i want to know as much about the raid on osama bin laden as i could. at the same time, i have to tell you, i was a bit surprised when it was quickly announced that the s.e.a.l.s and s.e.a.l. team 6 were involved from the get-go, that that kind of information would be released. were you surprised that the government has been as open about the raid as it has?

    >> you know, a little bit, but again, you know, we live in a different age today, information age , where if the government doesn't come out and tell the american people what happened in this particular bin laden raid, you've got some 16-year-old in pakistan tweeting about it, and it's just, it's so hard to keep this type of -- the lid on this type of operation. so, i think that the administration's dealing with a lot of that, and that probably it was the right thing to do to come out and give the information the way they did it.

    >> all right. we've got to end there. brandon webb , thank you so much for spending time with us this morning. we appreciate it. and thanks for your service.

    >> you got it. thank you.

    >> the name of brandon's book is

    "the red circle: my life in the navy s.e.a.l. sniper corps and how i trained america's deadliest marksmen."


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