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Video: First British tabloid runs nude Prince Harry pics

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    >> to the controversial photos of prince harry . the royal family has attempted to keep them out of the british papers. this morning one paper has made the decision to show them. stephanie gosk at buckingham palace with more on this. good morning.

    >> good morning, matt. people in this country are really scratching their head when the british media decided not to run with these photos, especially when anyone with the internet and five seconds on their hands can get ahold of them. it's been three days since prince harry 's wild vacation was exposed. two photos taken in his hotel suite spread as fast as the internet could move them, lightning fast. it took a day for "the sun" to reveal the prince himself. the managing editor, he felt he needed to explain.

    >> this is about freedom of the press. ludicrous situation where a people can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world on the internet but can't be seen in the nation's favorite paper.

    >> reporter: the palace went to the british press complaints commission to argue that the photos were a violation of prince harry 's privacy. the british media listened. not a single major news organization has used the photos. in a statement today "the sun" argues the 27-year-old's behavior in las vegas was not that of a man jealously guarding his privacy. neither were his security detail , the two metropolitan police officers on guard who let cameras or cell phones into the suite.

    >> this is a vip room with a potential head of state, and you just don't do that. that should have been checked, bagged, secured outside the room. when those people left, they would have gotten all their belongings back.

    >> reporter: prince harry 's friend arthur landon with prince harry says he believes it may have been one of the guests invited into the room, an $8,000 a night suite like this one at the wynn hotel . l landon who says he was not in the suite that night said, "some people have been hinting that it was one of his friends who took the pictures. but that is absolutely not true. none of his friends would do that. we are very careful. he went on to say whoever did sell the pictures to the press were, in his words, despicable. prince harry will resume his military duties next week. the defense says they won't comment whether or not he will be reprimanded. either way i'm sure the prince will be happy that this vacation is coming to an end. matt.

    >> all right. stephanie gosk in london for us. steph, thanks


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