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updated 8/24/2012 7:40:42 AM ET 2012-08-24T11:40:42

Below are statements to NBC News in reaction to a Rossen Reports investigation of online hotel pricing:

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“This case has no merit and completely misrepresents how hotel reservations are marketed online.”



"We have no comment on the lawsuit other than to deny that Travelocity or any other Sabre company has engaged in any anticompetitive actions.”



“Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the litigation. At this point, what we can say is that we believe the claims have no merit and that we will contest them vigorously.”



"We are aware of the class-action lawsuit filed by Hagens Berman against several online travel sites and hotel companies, including IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group Resources). We believe our pricing practices and arrangements with online booking agencies are compliant with the law, and will be responding to the litigation in the normal course."

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