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Video: Bottoms up! Martha throws a beer party

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    >>> morning on martha on "today" we're throwing a beer tasting party. forget the college party. now it's about cold brew and hot snacks. straight from the march pages of martha stewart living .

    >> good morning. i don't know if you want to have beer this time of day.

    >> yes.

    >> is that a trick question? of course we do.

    >> a beer tasting party is like the new thing because there are so many artisanal beers. if you go to the local brewery and find good beers, bring them home and treat your friends.

    >> make it casual.

    >> this is chalk board , oil cloth. you can write on it. people can write impressions of the beers. we have numbered glasses. they each have a specific quality.

    >> grab a beer and let's go. obviously you have to have beer and food. we're going to make great recipes starting with a shrimp dish. tell me about it.

    >> this is delicious. these are roasted buffalo shrimp. they have the same flavors of paprika, one and a half pounds of beautiful fresh shrimp. we have two cloves of garlic chopped up. cayenne pepper , salt, honey. mix it together, put it on a baking sheet and bake at 450 for five minutes.

    >> buffalo leads me to believe there is a blue cheese dressing for this.

    >> this is a different taste. this is lemon juice , sour cream and celery leaves. it's a light version of the buffalo chicken wing .

    >> i can't believe i'll ask you this, but how do you keep your meatballs moist?

    >> don't overcook them. and have the correct proportion of fat to lean.

    >> you have beef chuck, pork and you mix it all with --

    >> with pancetta. you can make them by scooping. scoop it out, roll it in your hand.

    >> in your hand.

    >> yeah, roll it like this.

    >> wash your hands first, which i did not.

    >> oh, okay.

    >> and as you said, this is onion, egg yolk, cayenne pepper , thyme and pancetta. those will be rolled in bred crumbs and flour.

    >> you want to give them a crust before you fry them.

    >> we brown them first in oil. then put them in the oven for ten minutes.

    >> mm.

    >> not overcooked and make sure they are well cooked because of the pork.

    >> voila, cocktail meatballs.

    >> look how cute they are.

    >> they are cute.

    >> i love this sandwich. this is good.

    >> blue cheese sandwich. have you ever had one?

    >> never.

    >> he just tasted it.

    >> i treated.

    >> onion jam made with balsamic, salt and pepper . slather on the onion jam on good white bread . you can use brioche or a country white and a little bit of artisanal blue cheese .

    >> instead of bacon you're using canadian bacon .

    >> it's precooked already. that goes on the sandwich. two slices of that and maybe a little bit of butter on one side here. put that on. butter the outside of the sandwich. we're not calling it a grilled cheese . we are calling it a blue cheese , onion jam sandwich .

    >> amazing.

    >> and the favorite thing here are the parsnip chips.

    >> smoky.

    >> they go with the beers. the dark beer has the smoky flavor. they taste so great. you just peel the parsnips first. then strip them like this with the potato peeler . these strips go into -- see if the oil is right. it goes into oil around 300 degrees.

    >> you say it takes a while but it's worth it.

    >> oh, it hardly takes any time.

    >> oh.

    >> and it's still worth it.

    >> situation normal.

    >> be careful when frying. tend to it. and did you


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