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Video: Bobbie’s fun summer products

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    >>> "tuesday's trend." this week it's all about the kids.

    >> with the latest and greatest for babies, tots and tweens, bobbie thomas.

    >> hi.

    >> what you got for us?

    >> i'm so excited. i want to make an announcement.

    >> uh-oh --

    >> no. on today.com we had our made in america style contest. i got to pick the winner and we'll talk more about this friday. but rodney price, congratulations. your quick exchange picture frames, they won. we'll hear more, but congratulations. now it's time for baby. this is a really cool new way to actually give your baby a bath. this is called a blooming bath. this soft insert --

    >> adorable.

    >> so smart.

    >> what a great idea.

    >> it wrings out. toss it in the dryer. such a good idea.

    >> speaking of modern innovations, traveling with a child is so challenging, especially in coach seats. this is fly baby. they actually came up with a harness that's like a hammock that hangs from the seat in front of you. we have a picture to show how this works. this is only during the flight, not take-off and landing, but you can have your hands free to take care of the baby, eye contact. this will also go on beach chairs, lounges et cetera .

    >> great idea.

    >> adorable idea. this happens to be made in the usa, too. rock me baby . these look like separates, but everything in this collection is a one piece. you rock the baby into it so there's no snap. this is such a great way to not be frustrated trying to find the little snap with your little one and it's very soothing and keeps the clothes together.

    >> very, very cute.

    >> okay.

    >> this is a little kitty.

    >> no, it's not. one of my favorite places on earth to find people for the segments, etsy. this rehuggable bear. you take any dad or man's shirt and they'll make a bear. great for guys when the man not at home. dad and baby bond . look at these crayons. he is underneath wearing it as a belt. he is actually playing with a book called holes. this book is not meant to be in the lines. you draw inside the shapes like this. then the kids can like, little kids that don't get it yet, they can see how it aspires, apples and other stuff.

    >> cute.

    >> this is stylish and smart. these are fun bright bracelets. if your kid has a peanut allergy , adults can spot it and he can feel cool wearing it or she can feel cool. if kids are riding their bike, these wrap and glow in the dark . you can see kids from 500 feet away.

    >> they shouldn't be out at night anyway.

    >> i want to get to our last part. these are taffy taps. they are meant to go on a faucet and turn into a drinking fountain . this doesn't work. we have a picture of it working. it squeezes the fountain water stream, when you're outside with kids at a game and you don't want to put their mouth on a mountain.

    >> it doesn't work.

    >> no plumbing.

    >> this needs adult supervision. these are buddy bumper balls. they are like human bumper cars .

    >> are you okay?

    >> was that fun?

    >> this is a great way for kids to burn off their energy in the backyard. it's fun. in the grass, with adult supervision.

    >> sara, she is smaller than you. give it to her again.

    >> bobbie, thank you, darling.

    >> good-bye, sara.

    >> somebody's little bottom heavy.

    >> it's time to feed the kids. a southern classic.

    >> recipe from colonel sanders ' lost long cookbook.

    >>> "today's" kitchen is sponsored by kfc.

    >>> time for "today's kitchen," what's cooking. from colonel sanders ' private collection . the recipe still remains under lock and key , the colonel did leave behind oldtime country recipes along with his story.

    >> the information was discovered and turned into colonel harland sanders

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