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AP/Archie Comic Publications Inc.
Cover art for a comic featuring characters from Archie and characters from the television program "Glee."
updated 7/9/2012 2:42:33 PM ET 2012-07-09T18:42:33

The kids from Riverdale are no strangers to high school angst, worries about fitting in or music. Neither are the teens from "Glee."

Now, Archie, Betty, Veronica and resident boy genius Dilton Doiley will match wits — and maybe a vocal or two — with the likes of Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry in the pages of "Archie Comics," said Jon Goldwater, the co-chief executive officer.

Goldwater unveiled the planned collaboration on Monday, ahead of Wednesday's start of Comic-Con in San Diego.

He said the crossover between the Fox show and the comic book is set for late this year or in early 2013, and is being written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, one of the television show's writers. It features multiple characters from the long-running comic book and the Fox show now in its third year. Dan Parent is illustrating the story.

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"I've become friendly with Roberto — he's just a genius writer," said Goldwater, who met the playwright last year at New York Comic Con when he stopped by Archie Comic Publications Inc.'s booth. "He and I were shooting the breeze."

That visit sparked a friendship and, ultimately, the idea for the crossover.

"It turns out he's been a fan of Archie for years. His most recent Halloween costume? He was dressed as Archie!" Goldwater said.

For now, says Goldwater, the plot of the four-issue story arc in "Archie Comics" is a closely-held secret, but it does involve parallel dimensions, dancing and some serious singing, too.

It's also the latest step for the publisher, which has expanded its pop cultural offerings beyond just Jughead, Midge and Mr. Weatherbee.

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In the past two years, Archie Comics has brought in an openly-gay character, Kevin Keller; been visited by the band Kiss; and seen Archie marry Valerie, the bassist for Josie and the Pussycats, and have a daughter with her.

"Those have reintroduced a lot of people back to 'Archie,'" Goldwater said. "And it's opened a whole new world of people coming to 'Archie' for the first time, too."

Archie Comics unveils gay character

Goldwater said that in the course of his conversation with Aguirre-Sacasa it was evident both "Glee" and "Archie" had some common ground despite coming from decidedly different mediums, including a diverse array of characters, conditions and concerns.

"'Glee' is courageous in their story lines and how they represent their characters, how they represent the high school situation," he said, noting that it's similar in the world of Archie, too.

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Video: Matthew Morrison on ‘Expecting’ with Cameron Diaz

  1. Closed captioning of: Matthew Morrison on ‘Expecting’ with Cameron Diaz

    >>> inspired by the best selling pregnancy guide "what to expect when you're expecting," the book is now a big-screen comedy about five very different couples whose lives are turned upside down by the challenges of having a baby. what's the problem?

    >> matthew morrison plays he have been, a professional dancer on a tv reality show who -- surprise -- got his dancing partner played by cameron diaz pregnant. even though they're in a relationship, there's a lot these two do not agree on.

    >> wow.

    >> oh, no, no, no. i don't want to know about everything that can go wrong.

    >> oh, my god. there's breastfeeding. we have to know about this. and -- what? oh. circumcision, yes or no.

    >> of course! how is that even a question.

    >> actually, a lot of couples are choosing not to circumcise these days.

    >> who said that?

    >> the expert, honey. see, it is a question because it says yes or no.

    >> my answer is yes.

    >> whoa.

    >> if you can't get over a little brisk situation, you're not --

    >> oh, come on, get the clamps an snip it.

    >> this is an interesting film. it has five i think different vignettes. you and cameron diaz worked together but you really weren't familiar with what the others were up to?

    >> we had a big press junket the past couple days. actually some of the crew from some of my broadway shows work here.

    >> they love you. sglt cast is incredible though on this.

    >> tell us about making the movie though.

    >> oh, gosh. anna kendrik, jennifer lopez --

    >> there was an international cast.

    >> yes, it is.

    >> what interested you about this?

    >> they said you're going to play opposite cameron diaz . i'm like okay, sounds good.

    >> they also said you are going to dance. isn't there a big dance scene? cameron's trained and have you a big background in dance.

    >> i'm a big dancer. what happened was i learn to dance in los angeles and she learned it in atlanta. then we had about four hours of actually learning it together in atlanta and then we had two days. that's actually an old abandoned home depot --

    >> are you kidding?

    >> i heard it was magic and i think it was. yeah. okay.

    >> there seemed to be some on-screen chemistry going on there.

    >> well, they made a baby. at least five or six minutes there was.

    >> come on. that's all you're going to give me? five or six minutes?

    >> i don't know. i hear things.

    >> no. we had a great time. because we started this movie actually learning to dance together. i think there was something about when you have a great body language when you learn like dance, it's so sensual, it kind of created the chemistry we had for the rest of the movie.

    >> a lot of people look at you an know you from "glee," but you had quite the career on broadway before any of that.

    >> if you say so.

    >> no, you did. what is it going to take to bring you back to broadway .

    >> i just want to come whack to broadway to see all these amazing shows. i'm so behind.

    >> but you don't have time at this point. "glee" is still going strong .

    >> i still have my apartment here because with the thought that i would be back a lot but i just haven't had time to come back here.

    >> i'm sure you can't tell us what's going on with "glee."

    >> well, there's three episodes left. it is a very -- we cried a lot on the set. it's been very sad because it is kind of the end of an era for a lot of the kids.

    >> there is a little time for them to graduate. they're all 35!

    >> what? i don't know what you're talking about.

    >> it's time to move on into the real world , don't you think?

    >> isn't that always the case though with high school shows? we're all 35.

    >> exactly. we wish you good luck with this film.

    >> you have a new cd coming out, i heard, about broadway standards. when you bring that out, please come see us. great to see you.


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