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What better way to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday than to spend quality time with Dad while learning some new skills in the kitchen? David Zinczenko, editor in chief of Men’s Health, shows us tricks for making sushi rolls, burritos, and s’mores like pros. Prepare these meals together, then sit down for a Father’s Day feast. If you plan on celebrating post-meal, show dad how much you care with one of these

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Prepare a sushi roll like a pro
Step 1: Maximize taste: The best rolls have both texture and color. Choose from krab (fake crabmeat), enoki mushrooms, smoked salmon, cucumbers, or avocado. Select or cut your ingredients to equal size and shape so they’ll fit into the hand roll.

Step 2: Size the sheets:Nori, the seaweed that holds sushi together, comes in sheets. Using scissors, cut each sheet into quarters to yield a more manageable size for the rolls.

Step 3: Arrange artfully: Place the nori sheet on your palm (shiny side down) so it's in a diamond shape. With your other hand, take a thumb-sized amount of sushi rice (try Annie Chun's premade varieties) and press it into the middle of the sheet, from the top of the diamond to the bottom. Line your ingredients on top. Step 4: Roll into a cone: Slowly close the hand you're using to hold the nori to bring both outside flaps of the sheet together, sliding one beneath the other. (Put a grain of rice between the flaps to hold the roll together.) Dip the open end of the roll into soy sauce. Consume.

Before you and dad get creative with the ingredients, be sure to check out our list of The Best and Worst Sushi Rolls.

Make the perfect burrito
Step 1: Go big: A 12-inch tortilla lets you stuff your burrito with ingredients yet still provides enough room to wrap it tightly. (Or try a whole-wheat wrap for more fiber and a nutty flavor.

Step 2: Heat your tortilla:Don't warm tortillas in the microwave — they'll turn soggy. Instead, heat them in a dry skillet or nonstick pan on medium high until puffed and pliable, 30 to 45 seconds per side.

Step 3: Set a foundation: Line the burrito with rice first, to soak up the other ingredients' juices. Leaving 3 inches around the perimeter, layer your rice, beans, and protein in a line.

Step 4: Apply the finishing touches: Add sour cream, salsa, or guacamole in a line beside (not atop) the lines of ingredients. Add loose ingredients (lettuce, cilantro, sliced jalapeños, shredded cheese) last so they can adhere to the sour cream and guacamole.

Step 5: Secure the burrito: With the line of layered ingredients oriented top to bottom, fold the tortilla's left side just over the ingredients. Then fold the bottom up about an inch. Finally, finish rolling the burrito tightly from left to right. The top remains open. Now chow down on your creation, stain-free.

Looking for more healthy recipes to tackle with Dad this summer? Snag a copy of the Grill This, Not That! Backyard Survival Guide.

Chocolate peanut butter & chocolate caramel s’mores
Try these spins on the original campfire favorite:

Step 1: Toast the marshmallows: Place some marshmallows in a toaster oven on the broiler setting until the marshmallows are warm and slightly melted.

Step 2: Coat the cookies:Spread 1/2 tablespoon of caramel or peanut butter on one side of a chocolate wafer cookie.

Step 3: Complete the s’more: Top each chocolate wafer cookie with a toasted marshmallow and another chocolate wafer cookie. Smoosh together and enjoy. Experiment with this recipe by pairing banana slices with the peanut butter, or slices of apple with caramel.

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Video: Make healthy Father’s Day treats for dad

  1. Closed captioning of: Make healthy Father’s Day treats for dad

    >>> morning on happy father's day today fun food projects your kids can enjoy with dear old dad. the author of "eat this not that" for kids. this is a really good idea. this morning.

    >> thanks. great to see you.

    >> great to see you. the idea here is so sweet because it allows kids to do something for dad, maybe even with dad in a way that makes sense to feel proud. on mother dayou make reservation, on father's day you make him cook. why not get everyone involved.

    >> one of the kids involved is rebecca . if your dad likes sushi, let's figure how to make sushi.

    >> what we're going to do first is grab the rice, put it on the nori, cut it in quarters then start to add your toppings. in this case, you don't like fish, do you, rebecca ?

    >> not really.

    >> so we're not going to do that. we'll do some mushrooms, get that in there. show the trick. the rolling trick.

    >> the rice. just stick it together.

    >> it is sticky. i used to roll it but that makes it easier to handle.

    >> you're ready for dipping.

    >> smoked salmon. you may not want to go with raw stuff if you don't know what you're doing. you can make them into coness well. now sam is here and he's making burri burritos. we like burritos a lot. how do you make them.

    >> start us off.

    >> put rice in a line right across if you're going to roll it.

    >> that's the first mistake i'm making, i put too much and don't make a line. by the way, you're going big with the tortilla.

    >> this is a 12 inch . can you do a 10 or 8 but in this case it's a whole wheat tortilla so it's balancing it out.

    >> d will be impressed.

    >> add some beans. what's your protein hit?

    >> well, my favorite, i would go with pork.

    >> since we don't have that here.

    >> i guess.

    >> we'll go with something else, sam .

    >> how about some chicken. what are we going to do with the toppings, the sauces. where are we going to put those?

    >> you want to put toppings, like, say, guacamole, you want to put it on the side right here.

    >> why is that why do we put it on the side.

    >> when you put on toppings like lettuce, say, it can adhere on top of the sauces. so that way --

    >> it helps it stick together.

    >> now roll it. roll that burrito like you roll your eyes at your parents.

    >> hopefully not too much.

    >> you want to fold the bottom part and left side, fold upward. like this. you want the top open.

    >> by the way, you don't want to stick these in the microwave.

    >> they will get soggy.

    >> put them in a skillet.

    >> both sides.

    >> if you don't roll it, no problem, food fight .

    >> this your niece.

    >> this is my niece ava .

    >> hi. you're going to make s'mores with us today. how do we get started?

    >> show us what we're doing. takene of the cookies.

    >> yummy cookies, chocolate cookies. toasted marshmallows.

    >> peanut butter .

    >> this is a special thing. smear it on there.

    >> you also have caramel on the side. put that on the top. you're making this healthy and not so healthy.

    >> this is how you convince dad you're responsible enough to have a pony. okay?

    >> because you know how to smear peanut butter .

    >> put the marshmallow on it.

    >> let's grab that thing.

    >> yank it.

    >> there's a loose one.

    >> your favorite is chocolate, right? put some chocolate.

    >> put the hat on. put the top on.

    >> one of these things.

    >> so nice.

    >> on here. now smush it. nice. really nice.

    >> you're ready to go.

    >> have you tasted these ava ? do you like them? yes, you've tasted them.

    >> whatever your aowance is, dad should double it.

    >> really nice. these are great ideas. thank you so much, sam and rebecca . thanks, dave. thank you, ava . good job and happy father's day to


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