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Video: Meghan McCain: Obama has ‘done damage’

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    >>> meghan mccain daughter of john mccain , her new book has a crazy title i'm not sure i can say in full, "america you sexy -- rhymes with witch." also chris hayes , twilight of the elites. good morning to both of you.

    >> good morning.

    >> compare sons being made over the weekend between the president's private sector doing fine remark and your father's remark four years ago where senator mccain , fundamentals of the economy are strong when wall street was falling apart. how damaging do you think it will be to his campaign.

    >> i think we need to keep in mind one sentence won't make or break a presidency. that being said, not a good time to make thatment.

    >> how much hey will be made going forward.

    >> in 2008 , the objective conditions of the economy, the challenge the president faces is the unemployment rate. what he does say or doesn't, that's what's going to drive voters. that's the far bigger concern than the comment. they are going to try to make hey out of it. the difference between where the private sector and public sector is a really important one. we've lost 600,000 in the public sector since the beginning of the recession largely on the local and state level. that didn't have to happen. those layoffs didn't have to happen if we extended revenue sharing from the government.

    >> he's right saying private sector doing better than the public sect or. that was his point this comment was taken out of context.

    >> i think it's important to distinguish between what's going on with state and local and what's going on with the private sector . i think the word fine in that context is like if you fell and gashed your head and it was bleeding and you told your friends i'm fine.

    >> still comes off insensitive. all workers in the romney ad comes off as insensitive and out of touch.

    >> romney might be making a lot of comments about this since the president made the comment. he's trying to present the idea this is a window into how president obama thinks. what's your sense about that? do you think this ad's ammunition to his idea this is how the president actually thinks?

    >> i think it can be seen as sort of a lens into what president obama thinks. we both work in the media, one sentence, the variables of the economy are going to be what determines the elections not this one comment.

    >> let's talk about a comment your father made, saying politically motivated. over the weekend went on to say possibly leaked by the white house . i get the quechstion. is there any proof to back up these charges.

    >> i don't know of proof. when there's a leak like this, you have to look and see who is benefiting. the president is benefiting it. i had a conversation with my father last night. he said it's the worst security breach he's seen. that's chills about what we've given terrorist through security leaks. whoever is doing this is not thinking about america and the safety of our troops and that's scary.

    >> i think we need more leaks and not less. i think we should know how the war is operating and what's going on with a kill list that's operating out of the white house or what covert activities we're engaged

Da Capo Press
TODAY books
updated 6/11/2012 8:31:59 AM ET 2012-06-11T12:31:59

In “America, You Sexy B----,” the unlikely pair of comedian Michael Ian Black and Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain join forces on a cross-country tour to bring the political discussion directly to the American people. Here's an excerpt.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Michael: This is stupid. I’m in an airplane flying across the country to go spend a month with Meghan McCain, a woman I barely know, in order to drive across the country in an RV with her and my friend Stephie, with the vague purpose of “talking to people.” About what? Politics, their lives, how they want the government to function, all of it with the idea that we are somehow going to gather enough material to write a book together and save the country. I mean, that is just pure stupid.

The thing is, I don’t like talking to people. I barely talk to my wife and two kids. Why am I leaving them for a month to do this? I was perfectly happy to stay home and complain about America from my house in Connecticut. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it seemed to be working fine. Why did I agree to take my b____ing and moaning on the road with this bubbly twenty-seven-year-old blond-haired, rich Republican chick I’ve only met twice? How did this even happen?

The answer: Twitter and Ambien.

During Obama’s first presidential campaign, I got invited to appear on MSNBC to make jokes. You’ve seen these segments on cable news where a comedian comes on and makes a few lame jokes about whatever’s going on in the headlines that day, and the host pretends to laugh while viewers think to themselves, That guy’s not funny. My job that evening was to be the guy who wasn’t funny. I don’t remember the exact context, but Meghan McCain’s name somehow came up during the broadcast. She’d done or said some thing that flew in the face of Republican orthodoxy, as she often does, and I said to Lawrence O’Donnell that Meghan was my favorite Republican.

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A couple of years later, I was doing a talk show pilot for E! and I needed a guest. Meghan agreed to do the show via satellite as a favor to her agent, whose good friend was my agent. Meghan was vivacious, charming, and she had a new “less Republican” haircut; afterwards my extremely liberal friend Joe asked if it would be all right with me if he married her. I gave my blessing. Meghan had not then and still has not met Joe, but I figured Republicans are into arranged marriages so it would probably be fine.

Read an excerpt from ‘My Dad, John McCain’

The entire project, from idea to execution, happened in only a little over a month. Michael and I sold the book before we actually met in person. I know it may seem a little impulsive and extreme to agree to write a book with essentially a perfect stranger, but I have a tendency to be impulsive and make extreme decisions. I also believe in seizing the day and making the most of every single opportunity that ever crosses my path. One of the mantras I live by is Hunter S. Thompson’s “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” I am a Hunter S. Thompson groupie, and if this particular scenario didn’t encompass seizing the day, then I don’t know what does. Besides that, it sounded like a lot of fun, and I love combining anything that includes politics and having fun.

Video: Meghan McCain fights back at weight critics (on this page)

Michael: Right after E! decided they didn’t need my talk show hosting services, I was up late one night nursing the onset of an existential crisis. Swirling in my brain were the facts that I would be turning forty in a few months, I didn’t have a steady income, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life, and I had a family to support, with no immediate prospects for employment. When I am feeling like this, I have one friend I turn to for support: Ambien. The purpose of Ambien is to ease restless souls like mine into a deep and dreamless sleep. But Ambien is also great fun if you just want to get on the Internet and mess around for a few hours, which was my main intention. This is, of course, was a mistake, the electronic equivalent of drinking and driving. Ambien relaxes the mind in such a way that you may find yourself saying or doing surprising things under its influence. For me, this normally involves writing nonsensical postings on my Twitter account while eating disgusting amounts of junk food. As a soon-to-be-forty married father of two, this is what passes as a “crazy night.”

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Half an hour after taking the Ambien, I was elbow deep into a bag of Tostitos and cruising my active Twitter account — 1.7 million followers. Not bragging. Just saying. Okay, bragging. Follow me: @michaelianblack — when I happen to notice that Meghan McCain had posted something. I responded to her. She responded to me, and then the Ambien seized my fingers and typed the following: “We should write a book together.”

After a few moments, she wrote back: “Sure!”

The exclamation mark made me think she wasn’t serious because exclamation marks are rarely the sign of a serious thought. I write back: “I’m serious.”

If I could retrace my altered mental state, the logic of why I would even suggest an idea like that would go something like this:

I need a job.
I like writing.
I like politics.
Meghan McCain seems nice.
Write a political book with Meghan McCain

It made sense to me at the time.

Around dawn, I woke up on the couch, covered in Tostitos crumbs, and stumbled upstairs to join my wife, Martha, in bed. Something was troubling me, though, something I had perhaps done under the influence of a powerful sleeping agent. Just before falling back to sleep, I realized what it was: I had just proposed writing a book with a woman — a Republican woman — I didn’t actually know, based largely on the facts that I once said something nice about her on TV, she seemed cool, and my friend Joe liked her new haircut. The woman in question is also the daughter of the other guy in the last presidential election. Moreover, I’m pretty sure she said, “Sure!”


From America, You Sexy B----: A Love Letter to Freedom by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain (Da Capo Press).

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