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Video: Was pope’s butler Vatican’s ‘Deep Throat’?

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    >> the catholic church . who is leaking confidential documents that reveal conflicts within the holy see . the pope's own butler is already in custody. but, is he the sole source ? nbc's michelle kosinski is just outside vatican city . michelle, good morning to you.

    >> good morning, matt. they're calling it vatileaks. this is the seat of power for 1 billion catholics. a seventh of the world's population. worth billions of dollars. now the butler says he will cooperate fully with the investigation. we could see much more of the inner workings here than surely many inside would like. if you've seen pictures of pope benedict , chances are you've seen him but not necessarily noticed paolo gabriele, who rides in the pope mobile , gives the pope his meals, and now accused of stealing confidential documents without even the pope noticing. today, the pontiff's butler is in jail. authorities say at his home were letters to and from the pope himself.

    >> it's shocking in that he was at mass with the pope every morning. he was the breakfast with the pope every morning. so anyone who knows him is simply stunned and shaking their heads.

    >> reporter: a scandal that has electrified the media, this headline reads a cardinal was guiding the leaker.

    >> it is unknown within the vatican . it is not the person alone of the butler who could be responsible for the leaks of the secret documents . it is a network of events who are fighting because they want a change at the top of the papal government.

    >> reporter: the vatican says this is only the beginning of a broad investigation. but denies that a cardinal or a woman as has been reported are also suspects. leaks and embarrassments lately have been seeping out of this bastion of history, economy and privacy.

    >> he does what he can.

    >> reporter: journalists published a book based on the pope's leaked letters. construction contracts at high costs. one letter from the pope's former second in command begs that he be allowed to continue to clean up, improve transparency. instead it was sent to the u.s. the vatican just fired its top banker who claimed he was trying to make it conform to international standards . a sticky web of leaks and allegations in the center of power but also of faith. the journalist who published a lot of this leaked material says he had multiple sources. how fascinating if this is some kind of organized attempt from the inside to change the way the search is functioning by leaking its secrets to 9 world. matt?

    >> all right michelle kosinski just outside vatican city this morning. michelle, thank you very much.


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