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Video: Aretha Franklin cooks up quick and easy shrimp

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    >>> in "today's kitchen" we are spicing it up with the queen of soul , aretha franklin .

    >> can you believe --

    >> hello.

    >> grammy winner , a legend and you're sharing a recipe with us. it's so great to have you here.

    >> thank you. i'm sharing my aretha 's or rere-'s peanut butter hm-mm shrimp.

    >> four times over. we know you're cooking up a new recording in studio with clive davis .

    >> i am. clive is talking to all of the great writers now, speaking to neil, i believe, and faith, kenny edmonds, and a number of great writers. and he's looking for the great songs. and i'm waiting.

    >> got the great singers.

    >> i can't wait.

    >> is this a tribute to whitney houston ?

    >> no. this album which is not a tribute to whitney, i do have a tribute to whitney, though.

    >> oh.

    >> i do have one. but, that will be aired, it's not a recording, it's going to be aired on the bbc, the other network.

    >> okay.

    >> wonderful. we look forward to that. your son, also is recording.

    >> yes, eddie . i'm recording and producing him, eddie . he's going to have a wonderful r&b album. radio friendly .

    >> are you going to sing on it?

    >> just a little bit. just a tiny bit. we want to hear eddie now.

    >> a nice duet, though.

    >> let's get started here.

    >> okay. shrimp here. this is definitely for the working woman.

    >> okay.

    >> we don't have a lot of time when she gets home. she wants to really sit back and relax. and --

    >> you probably don't have a lot of time to kick back.

    >> i really don't. that's why this is a fast recipe.

    >> start with some butter.

    >> this is going to be less than ten minutes, really. i have already two pats of butter in here. and --

    >> peeled and deveined shrimp.

    >> right.

    >> you know you don't have to do anything with shrimp except turn them over until they're pink.

    >> will you let them go a couple minutes? doesn't take long, does it?

    >> no about a minute and a half, really. okay.

    >> you turn that down some.

    >> okay.

    >> or we'll have barbecued shrimp.

    >> that's a different recipe.

    >> that's a completely different recipe.

    >> you ever sing when you cook?

    >> i do, sometimes.

    >> you can.

    >> sing along with the radio.

    >> yeah.

    >> so after you let those go, the middle -- the middle dish shows us what they'll look like once they're cooked up for you.

    >> actually, no, this one.

    >> this one is finished. this is when they're in the butter. they're the perfect pink.

    >> that's just, they're kind of --

    >> because we only have a minute and a half left why don't we move to this.

    >> you put the peanut butter in? tell us how you make the sauce.

    >> wait a minute, just a moment. a minute and a half. is that all we have?

    >> that's all we got.

    >> tell them to extend the time.

    >> aretha franklin for you. come on.

    >> let's have some r-e-s 3679 e-c-t, come on.

    >> absolutely. just a little bit.

    >> just put in --

    >> the shrimp.

    >> ping on the other side. i just put a large dollop of peanut butter , and if you really want a lot of sauce, then i use a couple of large dollops of peanut butter .

    >> it's plain peanut butter ?

    >> i really like peanut butter . and a little cayenne pepper .

    >> ooh. a spice.

    >> okay.

    >> next, garlic. a little minced garlic .

    >> all right.

    >> and soy sauce .

    >> soy? okay.

    >> yes. all right.

    >> how long then do you cook it in there?

    >> i cook this until it looks like you have a gravy.

    >> okay.

    >> all right.

    >> just work that peanut butter right in with the shrimp.

    >> so what do you like to serve alongside it?

    >> alongside of it you could have your favorite potato salad , spaghetti.

    >> you have rice?

    >> rice i like with it.

    >> i'm going to show this is what it looks like when it's cooked down, right?

    >> mm-hmm. that's what it looks like when it's cooked down.

    >> can we get this one more time because i just like the way you say it.

    >> aretha 's peanut butter hm-mm hm-mm shrimp.

    >> we're going to try it.

    >> thank you so much.

    >> recipe is on today.com.

    >> thank you.

    >> thank you aretha .

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updated 6/4/2012 12:15:28 PM ET 2012-06-04T16:15:28

Recipe: Aretha's 'mmm mmm mmm' peanut butter shrimp

  • 2-3 pats butter
  • 8-10 medium-sized shrimp with heads, tails and shells off, and deveined underneath
  • 2 Tbsp smooth peanut butter
  • Dash of soy sauce
  • Cayenne pepper, to taste
  • Crushed red pepper, to taste
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

Melt butter in saute pan. Add shrimp, cook until pink. Stir in peanut butter and add soy sauce. Add cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper. Stir until peanut butter becomes a sauce. Turn down the heat and simmer for a few minutes.

Serve with white fluffy rice (or potato salad, coleslaw, spaghetti or your favorite starch).

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