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Video: Inside weekend weddings of Barrymore, Biden

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    >>> we're back with "today's buzz" and all the celebrity news you missed while were you catching up on your chores this weekend.

    >> here with all the entertainment scoop is huffington post celebrity columnist rob --

    >> andy sandberg told "the new york times" over the weekend he's saying good-bye to the show, too!

    >> we don't know about jason.

    >> we do not know about jason yet. he's stayed completely silent on it. several people have asked him. he will not comment. says a lot of speculation of whether or not he will come or go.

    >> there are going to be a lot of openings for some very talented --

    >> the thing with that show, it keeps surviving. many, many talented people have left. the show really is the star. i think the show's going to be fine.

    >> a lot of people got married this weekend. didn't they? drew barrimore.

    >> drew barrimore finally tied the knot this weekend. it is her third marriage. she did it in her backyard in california. a beautiful very intimate ceremony. she wore a chanel dress. her father-in-law used to be the ceo of chanel so i hope she got herself a good deal. reese witherspoon was there. her best friend cameron diaz was there. your dear mate jimmy fallon .

    >> i didn't realize they were such close friends.

    >> so kelsey grammar remarried his wife.

    >> third wife?

    >> fourth wife. it is a little confusing. they were in vegas, they got married for the second time. i think they renewed their vows. they got married. it was a small ceremony. he did confirm this happened. she's eight months pregnant. she's having twins next month.

    >> that's terrific. what about -- is drew confirmed as pregnant?

    >> she's never confirmed but i think everybody knows that this is no big secret. you've got to see her pictures in "people" magazine this wednesday.

    >> joe biden 's daughter got married.

    >> ashley got married this weekend in delaware, her home state, to a doctor, very impressive. it was a very small ceremony. once again in that backyard and the president didn't attend and we're told this is because they really wanted to keep it simple and family.

    >> and about the couple, not about the president.

    >> if you have someone like that in the room, everything changes.

    >> right. a lot of people went to the movies because it wasn't great weather in parts of the country. what worked?

    >> " snow white " did fantastic! it is a brilliant movie. over $50 million. it is a huge hit. however, the big story again this week is "avengers" as now become the third highest growing domestic movie of all time. it's done over $500 million. "avatar" and "titanic." it could go on to beat them. it is not slowing up that much. this could be the biggest movie of all time. it is not yet but it is on its way.

    >> i didn't go to the movies this weekend. but i took the time, 6:10 straight through to watch "the hatfields and mccoys" which was so fabulous.

    >> numbers are staggering.

    >> i'm so glad. it was so well done! great story telling . great acting!

    >> we're going to see a ton more shows like that.

    >> that's going to be the new trend.

    >> we've been talking about the queen and the jubilee.

    >> i sat there the entire day with my little union jack . tonight is the big could be certificate outside the palace. paul mccartney , elton john . they set up so the balcony where william kissed kate is where the queen can sit almost like in a v.i.p. box in her own house and watch the entire show just outside --

    >> after standing on that barge all that time, the least we can do is let the lady sit down.

    >> i have to say, the way she stood in that rain and cold and looked joyful?

    >> hey. the whole --

    >> philip was so much help.

    >> the whole nation was celebrating.

    >> thank you.

    >>> up next, are you our "fan of the week"?

    >> probably not. find out where you might be headed after this. look who we got here. put a little pepper


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