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Wife to husband: Go get a lap dance, it’s sexy
Dr. Gail Saltz reassures a woman about her erotic fantasies
Married man: ‘I slept with 13 women this week’
Dr. Gail Saltz calls a troubled man a ‘sociopathic sex addict’
Your turn: Readers debate ‘arranged’ infidelity
Dr. Gail Saltz shares your opinions about this controversial topic
When a spouse OKs sleeping around ...
Dr. Gail Saltz advises a man whose spouse has given up their sex life
Got evil in-laws? 6 tips for a stress-free holiday
Dr. Gail Saltz gives ways to keep your Thanksgiving conflict-free
The 5 secrets to living ‘happily ever after’
Dr. Gail Saltz spills the secrets to longevity in your relationship
An Alzheimer’s affair: The good, the bad, the ugly
Dr. Gail Saltz on the challenges faced by couples affected by the disease
Do you keep unhealthy secrets? Take this quiz
Dr. Gail Saltz says the secrets you keep can harm the ones you love
Should I ‘settle’ now or hold out for Mr. Right?
Dr. Gail Saltz says to consider factors such as age and commitment style
My wife has no desire for sex. What can I do?
Dr. Gail Saltz offers a heartbroken husband tips to rekindle the flame


In her new book, "Becoming Real" — and on a "Today" series of the same name — show contributor Dr. Gail Saltz offers ways to escape the behaviors learned to cope with childhood that can later hold us back as adults dealing with relationships, work and self-image.

Dr. Saltz talked about her book and answered questions in a chat.

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Welcome to the Thursday Relationships section! Each week, 'Today' show contributor Dr. Gail Saltz addresses questions about your relationships, both romantic and not. Come back every Thursday for new topics.
  Special series: Sexploration
Sorry, guys: 80 percent of women fake it
A new study shows that women's seemingly uncontrollable vocalizations during apparent orgasm are often play-acting meant to boost his ego — and get it over with.

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