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    >>> this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," new and creative ideas to update your home decor . from a stick-on backsplash to fold-up shelves, "today's style" editor bobbie thomas has affordable accents for your home.

    >> good morning.

    >> we're moving into our home line.

    >> you can express yourself at home. these are really stylish ideas. easy and inexpensive. i love them.

    >> let's get to them. these decorative decals. you're showing us how you can jazz up a couple of pieces here from ikea .

    >> specifically ikea is so popular. people really love the furniture. it's affordable and accessible. this company is creative and they call themselves mykea. they've created a bunch of decals that specifically fit pieces of ikea furniture so you can personalize anything from a small table.

    >> that's cute for a kid's room.

    >> kids motifs to even these decals for the drawers. i love this chest. it almost looks 3-d, personal and custom and inexpensive. you can do something for the kids, whimsical or even kind of quirky. this is a record player. you could customize a table with, too. lots of ideas.

    >> what was an ordinary piece of white furniture more extraordinary. we like that. okay. now over here, we've got some other great ideas for people who like to change up their decor.

    >> yeah. this is such a personal favorite of mine. wallpaper is something that people kind of, oh, that's a lot of work to put up.

    >> hard to do.

    >> you can't take it down. designyourwall.com has solved that problem with wallpaper tiles which are just big stickers. i love this fun -- this is something that i would love to put in my office.

    >> yeah.

    >> you can get almost any motif. they'll even custom create something. i did this myself on plywood.

    >> easy to apply.

    >> literally they're stickers, and you peel on. you can reposition them. take them off and use them somewhere else. so it's great for renters or somebody who wants just a temporary wallpaper accent.

    >> yeah, because wallpaper is hard so install. that's easy, great. also fun, quirky doors.

    >> yes. we have really fun, quirky doors. you could really take this to another level on a child's door in the room to have a giant teddy bear . you could even have the accent of a bathroom if your bathroom's not as neat, you could have this faux bathroom on your door.

    >> good idea. that's so funny.

    >> other designs, you can even do this for your garage. they have really fun garage motifs, too, because if your garage door is something that's just kind of --

    >> there you go, i like that one.

    >> you could have the beach theme. there's so many whimsical ideas. i love this.

    >> over here if you want to add more texture to your walls, you have great ways to dress up your tile.

    >> the bathroom and kitchen, when you look into renovations, again, my gooden, it's so expensive. so this is such a great idea from twojane.com. these are decals. you can peel them off and put them on your tiles. and they'll stay and you can take them off so they're not permanent. you can do this for a kid's bathroom so when they get older, you can take the animals off. you can instantly redo the kitchen backsplash. this kitchen even gives you laminates for your windows for a frost design.

    >> look over here. i love these ideas.

    >> this is about texture. this is something that when you go into a modern hotel, again, thousands of dollars for an architect to build a wall out of wood. these are fantastic from inhabit living. these are called wall flats. they're really lightweight. they feel like air. you can cut them and customize them to any wall. and you can paint over them. so you can make them match your wall so it will look like they don't go away.

    >> then you've got these little wall flowers.

    >> this is just a canvas. i painted it in half myself to show you can do this on a piece of art or on your wall. these are wall flowers, no pun intended. they give you something different. it's all these kind of interesting effects you see in a restaurant or hotel that make it look so stylish and cool and new.

    >> it looks line sententencilling.

    >> it's like filigree. these come six to a pack. and you can hook them together to create a hanging wall divider, to separate an office space from your bedroom. this is a really great way to add a little shimmer without overpowering a room. the pictures online at breaux cade.com are fantastic. you have to see how they really add this elegant sort of curtain to a room that's melmellalic mel at that time metallic.

    >> this can be a planter or anything.

    >> this is a first look. this is so brand new that i got the artist to send us his rivelli artwork. this is artwork that transforms into a shelf. you could put glasses on here, a vase, you could even put books and you can customize after your put up the base bracket, these are just magnetic pieces of art that you could, for $25, switch up the art.

    >> you can do whatever you want .

    >> or make your own art.

    >> real quickly because we're running out of time .

    >> these are woolly pockets. if you don't have enough space for a garden, can you put the garden on your wall. they come small.

    >> even kids' toys.

    >> and another fantastic idea are flower toppers. if you don't want to fill a whole giant vase with foil and water.

    >> great idea.

    >> a couple dollars, you can do the top.

    >> brilliant. bobbie thomas, thank you so much. for more about any of these products, you can always find "bobbie's buzz" on today.com.

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updated 4/26/2012 9:49:33 AM ET 2012-04-26T13:49:33

Whether your home is your headquarters or just a sanctuary for nights and weekends, TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas is here to share easy and affordable ways to give your decor an instant update.

Decorative decals
Swedish retailer IKEA has become a household name, offering basic, modern furniture options at low pricepoints, and now clever minds at MYKEA have developed an equally affordable way to customize the furniture. Simply pop onto ThisIsMykea.com, where you can browse hundreds of furniture decals designed with IKEA pieces in mind. Perfect for adding a punch of personality to a room, the decals are easy to apply and easy to remove; you can even preview how they'll look on your favorite IKEA styles ($30 and up, thisismykea.com).

For a temporary way to revamp a wall, remove-able and reusable wallpaper tiles from DesignYourWall.com are ideal for renters, and for those who like to change their decor as often as they change their clothes. From florals and geometrics to "vintage faces," there's something for everyone ($38.50 per 2 sheet set, designyourwall.com).

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Kitchen and bath areas are infamous for pricey renovations, but fear no more with "tile tattoos" from 2jane.com. These durable, waterproof stickers can create the look of an elegant backsplash or mosaic for just dollars per pack. I also adore their whimsical animal prints for children, which can be removed when guests come over or when the little ones grow up ($12-$24 per pack of 6, 2jane.com).

Also, let's not let doors miss out on the fun. It's hard not to smile at the quirky "door billboards" from Style-Your-Garage.com. Whether you're looking to make the kids giggle with an oversized teddy bear door decal or create the illusion of a fun, swirling stairwell in your home, there are hundreds of options to suit every taste. You can even use the decals to instantly upgrade the outside look of your home, with rustic, faux gate designs for the garage and Downing Street inspired lacquered doors for the foyer ($80-446, style-your-garage.com).   

Bobbie's Buzz: Eco-friendly finds

Textured touches
For those looking to go beyond pretty prints and patterns, look no further than 3D "wall flats" from InhabitLiving.com. These ultra lightweight tiles can help add depth and dimension to a plain wall. They're available in sleek, architectural motifs and more natural, organic styles; plus they're biodegradable, paintable, and one of the easiest ways to transform a room ($86 per 10 tile pack, inhabitliving.com). Umbra.com's 3D "wall flowers" are small, delicate floral sculptures that can add an unexpected pop to walls or a stretched canvas, and are available in an assortment of fresh hues, from white and silver to purple and pink ($10, umbra.com).

Lastly, consider adding visual interest with hanging, metallic Garland Ivy panels from BrocadeHome.com. The thin, airy sheets come 6 to a set, and can be hooked together for easy modular configurations ($79, brocade home.com). A great way to include a little shimmer and shine without overpowering a room.

Innovative ideas
If you find yourself lacking space for both wall art and shelving, consider cleverly constructed convertible shelving from Riveli.net. Conceptualized by Chicago artist Mark Kinsley, the sturdy shelves can fold up flat against a wall, revealing chic panels of artwork underneath. Perfect for those with ever-changing taste, you can swap prints in and out with magnets and flip and fold between storage and style depending on your mood ($150 & up, riveli.net).

Last but not least, top off your decor with a touch of green. "Living wall planters" from WoollyPocket.com are a quick and easy way to bring a bit of the outside in, while "FlowerToppers" are a savvy solution for your porch and lawn. The shallow, terra cotta trays allow you to transport flowers around the yarn, or even into the house, without handling cumbersome, full-size pots (Living Wall Planters $18-150, woollypocket.com; FlowerToppers $19.95, flowertoppers.com).

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