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Video: Foul play feared as search for teen intensifies

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    >> california, who has been missing now since last friday. nbc's kristen dahlgren has details on this. kristen , good morning.

    >> good morning, matt. we're here at the church where sierra lamar 's family and community gathered last night to pray for her return. the sheriff's department says they have found the teen's cell phone , but have no other sign of the girl. amazing grace

    >> reporter: at a vigil for 15-year-old sierra lamar , her mother broke down.

    >> i love you so much.

    >> reporter: it's been five days since she last saw her daughter.

    >> she goes, mom, i love you, too, you have a good day at work. that was the routine every morning.

    >> reporter: but all the tears and pleas --

    >> i want my daughter back.

    >> reporter: have brought few clues about where the petite sophomore could be. on friday morning before leaving for school her mother says sierra took this picture of herself, smiling. it's how her friends always knew her.

    >> anyone that meets her, like you can't not be friends with her. all right but lamar never showed up at school that day, never got on the bus. her phone was found saturday, less than a mile from her mom's house.

    >> we're doing some forensics on that cell phone , trying to get any information that we can off of that cell phone , as well as her laptop.

    >> reporter: there's been no activity on the teen's facebook or twitter.

    >> she always had her phone. she was always on her phone. twitter, facebook.

    >> reporter: mark clause whose daughter polly was abducted in 1939 runs a unit for victims and their families.

    >> the scenario that more easily plays out is that she was put into a car, and that at some point somebody took that phone and they threw it off of the side of the road .

    >> reporter: police have combed nearby fields, from the ground and the air. tuesday they interviewed classmates at her current high school and the one she moved from last year. and they're talking to registered sex offenders in the area. police say sierra's father is a registered sex offender but they insist he's not a person of interest. at the vigil he cheered up as he talked to his missing daughter.

    >> we can't wait to hear you sing again.

    >> reporter: a family and friends desperate for a safe return. holding on to the only thing they can right now, hope.

    >> sierra, if you're out there, please hang in there. be strong. because i know you have it in you to be strong.

    >> reporter: now police say they're canvassing the mother's home, the neighborhood where she was last seen. they're also following any other tips that are called in. but matt, i asked her mother last night, is there any way sierra could have just run away ? her mom said no.

    >> all right, kristen dahlgren out in california for us on this story this morning. thank you, kristen . we appreciate it.

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