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Video: Workplace fridge raider caught on camera

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    >>> every office has one, the refrigerator raider. but you wouldn't expect that kind of trouble at a police station . in deer park , texas, police set up a sting operation when their snacks went missing from their fridge. investigators say they caught officer kevin yang on hidden camera , taking monster energy drinks, left as bait and he now faces a misdemeanor theft charge and a 30-day suspension. as for police, they can proudly say they've served and protected their sandwiches. yeah, we have got that problem around here as well, carl and ann.

    >> are you naming us?

    >> no, no, not pointing fingers. but i'm thinking we need a camera -- [ laughter ]

    >> now we now who it is!

    >> wow. we have a lot of cameras around here, kathie lee gifford . you should watch yourself.

    >> everyone has a story. and kathie lee 's is not pretty.

    >> enough, enough!

    >> how did she get left

updated 2/23/2012 8:07:21 AM ET 2012-02-23T13:07:21

Officer Kevin Yang thought he was doing some innocent food-lifting when he took a Monster energy drink from his break-room fridge that didn't belong to him.

But it wasn't the first time he had raided the fridge, and fellow cops in Deer Park, Texas, had had enough of the bandit's behavior — so they set up a hidden camera to catch him.

The officer was suspended — and faces misdemeanor theft charges. He'll be able to return to work, but has surely suffered the sting of viral-video humiliation.

The Deer Park police precinct isn't the only workplace dealing with not-so-petty pilfering. Watch the video to see the heinous thievery happening in TODAY's kitchen. And vote: Do you ever steal from your office fridge? (Don't worry; we won't tell).

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