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Video: Hit the gym with flattering workout gear

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    >> amazing. ...is amazing with the love that i found

    >>> yes, our bobbie thomas is one of the most beautiful people in the world. "today" style editor bobbie thomas has workout looks to make you look lean and mean when you get in shape. we want to get to the gym and look good. you say we have to look good at the gym.

    >> not hair and makeup. but i think for the majority of people that want to get to the gym but feel they don't because they hate putting on spandex and they don't feel like they look the part, i think there are tips and tricks that may help motivate. it helps me when i feel like i look better. i think, i have a chance to get in there and get in shape.

    >> do my thing. let's talk about different body types you have identifies and see what works for them. first, the hour glass body type . a good example is christina . what's wrong with what christina is wearing?

    >> there's nothing wrong with it. but there is a different option. this is the hour glass body shape . it's usually someone with an ample bust on top.

    >> has some girlfriends.

    >> and has hips which is a great thing to have.

    >> curvy.

    >> she wants to avoid cutting herself off at the widest point. she has a line here from the color to the black. another thing to cakacar consider is the shape of the pants. she has a triangle thing happening. she wants to balance out with a little bit more of a flare which will make this line look more balanced. so her hips and bust will appear more in line. it's all about proportion.

    >> okay.

    >> you can see in the after look some tricks.

    >> let's bring in christina now. let's see how you managed to change her look. i like it.

    >> i kept it a similar outfit. it's a brooingt, but i layered two tank tops . that will offer you more support. these are just $26 for two at victoria's secret.

    >> great.

    >> the extra band around her waist is elongating her top and balancing out -- you don't draw as much attention with one sharp line. you diffuse the area. and her hips and shoulders are balanced with a little bit more boot cut . she loves yoga. congratulations. she's lost over 100 pounds in the past year.

    >> wow! she would be in the joy fit club .

    >> exactly. christina said it was a motivating factor to look cute and put something on to get to the gym and i didn't feel like an odd duck.

    >> high five, girl. good for you. keep going. you look great. fantastic. i love what you did.

    >> thank you.

    >> let's go to irene and talk about the inverteded triangle body shape .

    >> exactly.

    >> what do we mean? sounds like geometry.

    >> this is somebody dealing with broad shoulders and a more narrow hip.

    >> bigger bust line.

    >> i think this is a great gift sometimes because you have fantastic legs. don't cover up the legs. this looks really boxy down here. this is not helping, adding the bulk. it's giving her a big block figure.

    >> okay.

    >> this is amazing when you see the after. by adding a more form-fitting bottom and a looser top it looks different.

    >> let's bring out irene and see what you changed with her look. she's ready to go to the gym. so youthful. i love it.

    >> irene is so much fun. i can barely keep up with her. she's stephanie from my office's mom. she loves showing off her legs. a great fitted legging some people say, oh, i hate leggings. this is a great example if you have broader shoulders, look for leggings to elongate the frame. her tank top is sort of a high-low, shorter in the front and longer in the back. as she turns to the side you can see it. it gives you extra coverage.

    >> i love the colors.

    >> your teenager daughter wears it.

    >> you look fantastic. i love it. thank you. next, the classic triangle shape. what do you mean by classic triangle?

    >> it's sometimes also called a pear. it's someone with a petite frame on top and has curvy, booty licious hips. this is a fantastic shape. you don't want to have this bulky t-shirt. don't borrow your boyfriend's t-shirt. avoid this pant. it may work on somebody with narrow hips, but on melanie, i wanted to show off her petite top.

    >> let's bring out melanie and see what we are doing here. what you did to make her over.

    >> again, she's just keeping the top fitted and the horizontal line in the prints and the tank.

    >> it's an illusion to help balance out the hips. you want to put the horizontal line where your smallest part is to balance out with the bottom. another tip. you want to look at a cross legging. showing off the ankle she has on the after is making a big deal and showing off more skin instead of the pant going down to the bottom. you will notice all of the ladies have fitted items on. show off your shape. be proud of what you have.

    >> there you go.

    >> don't hide in the baggy clothes. it won't do you any good.

    >> get to the gym and it's motivating. bobbie thomas , appreciate

TODAY contributor
updated 2/15/2012 6:56:30 PM ET 2012-02-15T23:56:30

Whether you're a workout fiend or a first-timer, sometimes we all need a little morale boost before hitting the gym. TODAY Style Editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas shares tips that'll help you look and feel your best before you even break a sweat.

Hourglass Body Types
If you've got "girlfriends" up top and hips down below, a belted waist is always your best bet for showing off your shape when out and about. But in less formal circumstances like the gym, you can look to flare leg pants and slightly longer tops to help "balance" your frame instead. A flare leg can actually create the illusion of a smaller chest and hips. Just be sure not to visually crop yourself at your widest point and try longer tops that dip slightly in the center at the hemline, or layer tanks for an elongating effect. (Essential Tanks, 2 for $26; Yoga Classic Pant $29.50, Victoriassecret.com; Long Sleeve Wide-Neck Top $19.99, Tjmaxx.com).

Story: The most stylish fitness gear for under $25

Inverted Triangle Body Types
Whether it's from swimming or just genetics, countless women are given the gift of slender hips and a fuller chest and shoulders. These gals, sometimes referred to as "apple" body types, can streamline their silhouettes by drawings attention downward. Skinny, fitted leggings with a long, loose, top will do just that. Donning an open cardigan or zip-down hoodie is another trick that can help create an alluring, lean line through your ensemble. And a word to the wise, you may want to resist the urge to slip into a coordinated tracksuit — the broad cut and single color can leave you looking boxy! (Racerback Swing Top $58, Gaiam.com; O'Neill 365 Verve Wrap $89, Shoponeillusa.com; Gapfit Gfast Colorblock Leggings $55, Gap.com)

Story: New Spanx for the gym let you work it while you work out

Triangle Body Types
Call it bootylicious, call it a "pear shape," or call it curvy...whatever you call it, be proud to flaunt this feminine body type at the gym! Baggy tops (particularly those with a dropped 'dolman sleeve') can add unwanted bulk and hide those sleek shoulders so slip into a fitted tank instead to show off your toned upper body. Tapered and harem pant styles can also be slightly less than flattering, so opt cropped! Slim capri pants can add length to your legs and balance your backside. The new "Ideology" activewear collection from Macy's is a particularly great resource, designed by dancer (and 'triangle'' body type) Cheryl Burke (Ideology Striped Racerback Tank & Cropped Leggings $28-$34, Macys.com)

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