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Video: News anchor bitten in face by dog on live TV

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    >>> a popular news anchor in denver , colorado is recovering from reconstructive surgery this morning after she was bitten by a dog live on the air. it all started as a feel-good story about a dramatic ice rescue . nbc's kristen dahlgren has the details. kristen , good morning to you.

    >> good morning, matt. yeah, kyle dyer seemed to be excited about the interview. enjoying petting the dog as she talked to his owner and then things turned. it started as a feel-good story. a dog who fell through the ice rescued in dramatic fashion. there was the heroic firefighter.

    >> can't write it any better. he recognized that he was going towards safety. and once we got him out, he was friendly and happy to be in a warmer place.

    >> the ecstatic owner.

    >> i'm beyond happy. our family member, he's like a son in a sense. he's a rock-solid dog.

    >> but when the 8 5-pound mastiff called max joined the morning show to share the story. things went terribly wrong. shortly after anchor kyle dyer knelt on the floor, petting max, the huge dog lunged and bit her. the anchor was rushed to the hospital and animal control was called. video of the bite went viral, but kusa fought to get it off the internet. adding the incident was traumatizing for staffers. nbc news is not showing video of the bite. now 3-year-old max is being quarantined at a denver animal shelter for ten days. his owner, michael robinson , has been cited for failure to have his dog on a leash, allowing a dog to bite and failure to have a vaccinated dog. dyer is known for a weekly feature spotlighting animals, at the denver zoo . wednesday, she was operated on by surgeons.

    >> kyle went through reconstructive surgery and i think that from what i heard, the surgeon was pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

    >> in the moments before she was bitten. dyer's face was several inches from the dog's mouth.

    >> basically she did everything wrong. she went up to a dog she didn't know, who didn't know her and she either tried to kiss him, hug him on put her face much too close to his face, he felt threatened and bit her.

    >> a story that was supposed to have a very different ending. leaving a popular anchor recovering and the once-rescued dog now at an animal shelter .

    >> now dyer is expected back here at work within a few weeks. max's owner had no comment. but animal control said it's investigating and has found no evidence of any previous bites, so it's likely that max will go home. and the station says it plans to rewrite policies when it comes to interacting with animals. but matt pointed out it does not plan to stop doing animal stories .

    >> we just hope she's okay, kristen dahlgren out in denver , thanks very much.

updated 2/9/2012 3:39:17 PM ET 2012-02-09T20:39:17

An 85-pound Argentine mastiff dog dramatically rescued a day earlier from an icy lake was impounded Wednesday after viciously biting a Denver television news anchor on her face during a live in-studio segment.

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Kyle Dyer was conducting an interview on the rescue of Gladiator Maximus, also known as Max, after the dog fell into a frigid Lakewood lake Tuesday while chasing a coyote. The live segment was aimed at reuniting firefighter Tyler Sugaski, who rescued the animal, and Michael Robinson, the dog's owner.

Video: Dog rescued from icy pond

According to KUSA-TV, firefighters, paramedics and animal control were called to the station after the attack.

The station later showed video of Dyer petting the dog, but stopped before the attack occurred and said they would not rebroadcast it. Other video posted online showed the dog lunging at Dyer and viciously biting her face.

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Meghan Hughes, spokeswoman for the Denver Environmental Health department, said Robinson, 39, of Lakewood was cited with failure to have his dog on a leash, allowing a dog to bite and failure to have a vaccinated dog.

Hughes said the dog is being quarantined until a judge can hold a hearing on the charges and rule on the dog's fate.

Robinson did not return a phone call seeking comment.

A nice segment gone bad

Julie Lonborg, spokeswoman for Denver Health hospital, said in a statement that Dyer was in fair condition and being evaluated by a trauma team. The hospital said she was awake and visiting with family.

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KUSA news director Patti Dennis said Dyer was doing well after reconstructive surgery on her lip.

Story: Special bond of a rescue dog and dying boy

"The dog bite accident that happened today at 9News was unfortunate and certainly not expected based on what we knew about the dog and his owner," Dennis wrote on the station's Facebook page. "Our goal was to unite the owner with the rescuer for a nice segment. We are all thinking of Kyle and her recovery."

According to the station, Robinson was taking the dog for a walk without a leash on Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. when the dog spotted a coyote running out of a bush. The dog chased the coyote onto the ice and fell into the freezing water, where the animal spent 20 minutes before firefighters arrived.

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Sugaski broke the ice with his arms to get closer to the dog.

"The dog recognized right off that I was there to help, so he came towards me," Sugaski said.

The West Metro Fire Department said Sugaski was unavailable for comment.

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