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Video: Stop covering grays and embrace your roots!

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    >> this morning on "today's beauty" seize the gray from jamey lee curtis's pixie cut to emmy lou harris 's long locks the days of hiding your gray hair long gone. here are tips for silver strands as "prevention" magazine's beauty director jennifer goldstein joins us. great to see you.

    >> good to be here.

    >> i love this a lot of celebrities are rocking it even if they don't have naturally gray hair like kelly osbourne .

    >> we saw at the golden globes this past weekend she dyes her hair gray prematurely. that's how cool it can look. we did a study at prevention.com and found 71% of people think women with gray hair can be sexy. that is only a few percentage points behind the number of people who think men with gray hair can be sexy.

    >> right. we often hear of a man with salt and pepper hair but for women --

    >> yes. i think people have a hesitation to do it. now you can see you can make it look really gorgeous. if someone in their 20s is doing it then it can look great.

    >> let's talk about the source of gray hair. you hear people especially moms say you're giving me gray hair. is that possible?

    >> a lot of people think stress can cause gray hair and they are studying that but so far there is no proven link. what we do know is that as we age there is a decrease in melanin and that's how you get gray hair.

    >> let's look at how you make it work for you. first up is pamela . let's look at pamela 's short hair off the top there. what did you do?

    >> well, pamela had a -- was growing in her gray hair but her cut is what we want to talk about. a lot of women think when they have gray hair they have to go short. what you don't want to do is get a really feathery or layered cut. you want something sharp and modern. look how great she looks now. you can ask your stylist not to use a razor because a razor frays the end of your hair and that can have that fly away quality.

    >> it can look dry.

    >> untidy and dry.

    >> yes.

    >> another good tip is if you have a hair cut like this or any hair cut with gray hair use a blue tinted shampoo once a month.

    >> blue tinted.

    >> you don't want to use it every day.

    >> does it give you blue hair ?

    >> you won't look like marge simpson . once a month. this is clairol shimmer lights. it counteracts any yellow from the gray hair.

    >> i want to touch it. it looks so soft.

    >> shiny, beautiful. modern and cool.

    >> please don't be offended that i am rubbing your hair. really gorgeous. next up maureen . she has longer hair. again, a little bit of the frizziness. how did you improve the look?

    >> when you have gray hair it is important to style it correctly. and maureen air dried i think in this picture and what you need to know with gray hair is it can look dryer like we said.

    >> why is that?

    >> it grows in more coarse and is more porous than pigmented hair. it is important to use shine products and it's important to try and get that smooth, polished finish stow doo it doesn't look wiry and crazy.

    >> so this is solely with shine products.

    >> this is ultra shiny silver spray from sally beauty. you don't want to use anything that has alcohol which can be drying. you don't want to use anything too heavy because it can coat the hair and make it look sort of dusty.

    >> now with maureen and pamela their hair, the gray seems so perfectly placed. you can't control that.

    >> you can't control where you're going to get the gray hairs unfortunately.

    >> it looks gorgeous.

    >> it seems that when people's gray hair grows in it looks great whatever shade it is. silver gray, white.

    >> both of them have dark hair. is it harder if you're a blonde going gray?

    >> either way. there is a study that shows gray goes faster. if you want to grow in your gray hair it's going to grow a lot faster than it does when it's pigmented. it's not that hard.

    >> we have judy. let's take a look at the before picture. she looks absolutely lovely. i think the only thing that is missing, lip stick or something?

    >> exactly. you have to change your makeup a little bit when you do go gray.

    >> why?

    >> you tend to look washed out because the white or the gray around your face sort of gives you that washed outlook. so it's really important to do your makeup correctly. one of the key things is brows. usually when your hair is growing gray your brows are going gray also.

    >> right.

    >> you want to pencil them in. don't make them dark brown or really severe.

    >> do you make them the color of your natural color hair?

    >> usually a taupe color half way between gray and brown looks good on anybody. we used sonia taupe brow pencil and then if you see here we have a selection of makeup products. you don't want beiges and browns and taupes.

    >> corals there.

    >> you want coral, apricot, rose, those kind of colors that bring life back to the skin and add rosiness.

    >> does it matter if you are as fair as she is or dark as i am?

    >> she might wear a lighter pink or you might use a fuschia. you don't want mauve or beige. it would look washed out.

    >> absolutely beautiful. let's go out.