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Image: Mark Wahlberg
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Mark Wahlberg apologized for remarks he made about the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
updated 1/20/2012 9:56:56 AM ET 2012-01-20T14:56:56

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1. On "Mark Wahlberg says he'd have landed plane on 9/11"
Gloria Baenen: "Easy to say ... and remarks like that detract from the bravery of those people on that flight, who lost their lives trying to save others. Shame on you, Mark."

2. On "What the @#$%! is 'Family' tot about to say?"
Erica Cable Meyer: "I think it's sad that swearing is considered 'adult language.' Why is it OK for adults to do it but not kids? We need to get back to the standards that we used to have that it was unacceptable for even adults to swear. That's my 2 cents."

3. On "The Boss dives back into politics with new CD"
Andy Tolsma: "Bruce has shown time and again with his music or his spoken word that he is a patriot. He doesn't kowtow to partisan politics. He just says it like he feels it."

4. On "Personal stories taught child actor about 9/11"
Nick DeStefano: "9/11 was 10 years ago. Can we please move on? Were people still acting dodgy around the subject of Pearl Harbor in 1951? I doubt it. We, as a nation, are acting like an abused person, constantly seeking pity and sympathy from ourselves and the rest of the world. Get with it, time to move on."

5. On "Target offering 'Twilight' preview, wedding flower"
Gina Drope: "I always buy the special editions from Target. I'll be getting the Blu-ray, not sure if the flower is in it. However, I will avoid the sneak peek. It would be a blast but there are going to be too many screaming fans, I'm sure. No thanks."

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