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Video: Behind the split: Why Brand and Perry called it quits

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    >>> we are learning more about what may have led to the end of katy perry and russell brand 's marriage after 14 months. stephanie gosk is in london with the details.

    >> good morning, peter. 2011 was a blowout year for katy perry 's career. the first female singer to have five singles from the same album, launched her " california dreams " tour but professional success could not keep her personal life together and by the end of the year it crumbled. it was a whirlwind romance. they met at the mtv awards in 2009 , engaged the same year, married the next. in 2011 it ended as quickly as it had begun. russell brand filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences . a year-end surprise for fans that believed in the couple's fairytale.

    >> these were two people who were very in love, very committed, for the time that they were together, and it unraveled very quickly.

    >> reporter: rumors had been twirling for months that the marriage was off to a rocky start, despite brand's efforts to keep their lives private.

    >> the romantic element i keep private, between me and my lovely wife.

    >> reporter: in early november ellen degeneres asked them if they had split up.

    >> what! she should have told me.

    >> they never are in the same place at the same time.

    >> reporter: katy perry kicked off her " california dreams " tour. brand who starred in the remake of "arthur" had his own demanding shoot schedule. when they had a chance to take a break, they spent the holiday thousands of mild apart, brand back home in england with friends. perry took time off in hawaii, neither one was wearing their wedding ring . hollywood watchers spent the holidays speculating on what finally broke them apart.

    >> it's the age-old problem in the world of celebrity, one is more successful than the other. russell did ride on katy's coattails when he hit hollywood .

    >> reporter: the two came from vastly different backgrounds, perry raised in california by strict evangelical christians , brand had a troubled childhood, raised in working class england by single parents . as a young adult he struggled with drugs, alcohol and sex but whatever the irreconcilable differences may have been the pair that thrilled their fans with a lightning fast fairytale romance have now become just the latest hollywood casualty. the celebrity gossip website tmz reports that brand filed the divorce papers because perry didn't want to overly upset her conservative parents. regardless, it must still be a very difficult time for everyone involved. peter?

    >> steph, thank you very much. hard to imagine that relationship working, where they're like never together.

    >> hard to start a marriage like that.

Photos: Russell Brand

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  1. Bunny 'Hop'

    Actor and comedian Russell Brand provides the voice of a teenage rabbit who becomes the Easter Bunny in the 2011 film "Hop." Since the rabbit was animated, co-star Kaley Cuoco told E! Online that she never worked with Brand, but instead with a bean bag rabbit. "I prefer the bean bag actually," she joked. "It didn't talk back." (Kevin Winter / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Between the moon and New York City

    Brand plays the lead character, drunken playboy Arthur Bach, in the 2011 remake of 1981's "Arthur." (Barry Wetcher / Warner Bros) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Just call me angel

    Brand kisses wife Katy Perry at the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011. She wore a custom-made Giorgio Armani gown and feather wings, and he matched with a Giorgio Armani suit. Their 2010 wedding was held near a tiger sanctuary in India, the same location where he proposed after they'd known each other for just two months. (Mike Nelson / EPA) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. Mama's boy

    Brand and mother Barbara Brand pose at the Vanity Fair Oscar party held in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. Brand, an only child, lived with relatives when he was young while his mother was treated for uterine and breast cancer. (Craig Barritt / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. Brush up on your Shakespeare

    In 2010, Brand played the jester Trinculo, along with Alfred Molina as Stephano and Djimon Hounsou as Caliban in the movie version of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest." (Touchstone Pictures) Back to slideshow navigation
  6. Britannia rules the waves

    Brand and Jonah Hill, his co-star in 2010's "Get Him to the Greek," pose with bikini-clad ladies by London's Tower Bridge on Sunday, June 20, 2010. In the film, Brand plays a drug-addled rocker and Hill is the hapless talent scout who must safely guide him to a concert in L.A. (Joel Ryan / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  7. Time for bed

    In 2008, Brand starred with Adam Sandler in "Bedtime Stories," a family comedy about a hotel handyman who suddenly finds his fanciful stories coming true. (Walt Disney Pictures) Back to slideshow navigation
  8. Devilish grin

    Brand poses at the premiere of "Bedtime Stories" in Los Angeles on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008. (Dan Steinberg / AP) Back to slideshow navigation
  9. 'Forget' me not

    Brand's character from "Get Him to the Greek" was actually introduced in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Again he played rocker Aldous Snow, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, with Kristen Bell as Sarah, his new girlfriend. (Universal Pictures) Back to slideshow navigation
  10. Story of my life

    Brand's autobiography, "My Booky Wook," was published in 2007 and received generally positive reviews. The New York Times Book Review called it "a child's garden of vices." He's since published two other books, including a sequel to "My Booky Wook." (Bryan Bedder / Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation
  11. Supporting a cause

    Brand and Sean "Diddy" Combs attend the White Party hosted by Combs and Ashton Kutcher to help raise awareness for Malaria No More in Beverly Hills, Calif., in 2009. (Jason Merritt / Getty Images/Getty Images for Bl) Back to slideshow navigation
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  1. Image: Premiere Of Universal Pictures' & Illumination Entertainment's "HOP" - Red Carpet
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    Slideshow (27) Katy Perry

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