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    >>> we have more good news to share on the recovery of a texas model who walked into a plane's spinning propeller. lauren scruggs has now taken her first public outing since that accident. we go to plano texas for more. janet, good morning.

    >> reporter: carl, good morning to you. you can't blame her for wanting to get out of that rehab center if only for a few hours. and what better mood lifter than retail therapy ? but no large shopping malls or even trendy little boutiques for her first outing. we are told she headed directly to her favorite food store. as her mother describes it it was lauren 's first adventure since that awful accident just four and a half weeks ago. word of the 23-year-old model and fashion blogger choose for her first public outing? she went shopping. not for clothing but to the texas -based grocery store known for its natural and organic products -- whole foods. on the blog where cheryl scruggs has been updating lauren 's process cheryl writes, we love you, whole foods. we had many complete strangers stop us with tears in their eyes saying they've been praying for lo and for our family.

    >> hi. i'm lauren scruggs .

    >> reporter: the field trip not with standing, lauren 's recovery hasn't been easy. she lost her left hand in the accident and doctors later had to remove her left eye . she labors through hours of physical therapy every day and as her mom reports she is still in considerable pain. on wednesday cheryl wrote, we've had a few tough days, but things finally smoothed out yesterday. so many are following lauren 's story the blog has topped 800,000 hits. well wishers and close friends encouraged by her progress.

    >> she is doing phenomenally well. you can't believe it.

    >> i think she is going to come back stronger.

    >> her friends and neighbors continue to offer support at events like this fundraiser last week to help pay her medical bills. they believe she'll be back action soon. but what is lauren thinking? lauren told her mom her new life isn't what she would have chosen but she understands that this is what god chose for her and she is excited by the possibilities of using the experience to help others. this is a pretty big step for her and it is likely she'll venture out more in the coming weeks. we've also heard lauren has been able to reconnect with many of her friends just within the last week but it's her family, mom, dad, and twin sister who have been the constant by her side during this amazing recovery. carl?

    >> a lot of people thinking about her. thank you very much, janet.

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updated 1/4/2012 12:50:10 PM ET 2012-01-04T17:50:10

A little over a month since Lauren Scruggs was injured by a moving airplane propeller, the 23-year-old model ventured outside for the first time this week.

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Her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, wrote about the trip Wednesday on CaringBridge.org, the site the family uses to post updates about Lauren’s remarkable recovery. “She and I made our first adventure, the other day, to one of our favorite places, Whole Foods!” her mom wrote.

“We had many complete strangers stop us, with tears in their eyes, saying they have been praying for Lo and for our family. Many have told us how the accident has them seriously thinking about how important God needs to be in their lives, or how it has helped them refocus where they have gotten off track in their spiritual walk,” she continued.

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The deeply religious family has received an outpouring of support since Lauren’s accident. A benefit event in December raised about $10,000 for the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund and has continued to receive donations online to help defray the cost of her medical bills.

“Isn't this what life is all about?” Cheryl wrote, moved by the unexpected showing of support.

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Lauren was surrounded by loved ones over the holidays and start of the New Year, as she and her family adjust to what they refer to as “the ‘new norm’, for now” in an update from January 1.

Video: Injured model spent Christmas with family (on this page)

“The one thing that hit me hard today, was Lo's sweet spirit when she said, ‘Dad. Mom. What can I do to make things easier on you.’ Hard to believe she was concerned about our comfort in the midst of all she is facing,” the post continues.

The fashion blogger, affectionately known as “Lo,” has made great strides since accidentally walking into a still-spinning propeller on December 3 as she walked to the front of the plane in the dark to thank her pilot friend, Curt Richmond, for the flight to see Christmas lights in the Dallas area.

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The accident severed her left hand, resulted in shoulder and head injuries, and eventually caused the removal of her left eye. In the month since the accident, the creator of LoLo Magazine has hit a number of milestones in her recovery. She is walking, talking, dressing herself, eating her favorite foods and doing numerous other activities on her own as she undergoes rehabilitation at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

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