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Video: Friends of ‘Housewives’ react to tragedy

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    >>> brandy glanville and dana wilke are the newest stars of "the real housewives of beverly hills ." good to see you. technically i guess you're friends of the housewives.

    >> you're officially fighting already, dana. you hosted a party at your house and wow is all i can say. randi is accusing the other one of drug use , i thought there might be fights. what's going on?

    >> i don't know. no, you know, that didn't quite go the way i had hoped.

    >> i would hope so.

    >> it was supposed to be a bunch of girls getting together and having some fun. didn't quite work out that way.

    >> how is it working out with you? are you misunderstood or do you really not get along with the others?

    >> no, i don't think i misunderstood. i'm just myself, and they can take it or leave it.

    >> we have to leave it there unfortunately.

    >> don't punch us or anything, brandi. "the real housewives " tonight on bravo, thanks. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] why skip breakfast when you can start your morning with special k multigrain oats and honey, a wholesome blend