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Video: Injured model spent Christmas with family

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    >>> more good news to report on the recovery of a young model from texas who suffered serious injuries when she walked into a plane's spinning propeller. "today" national correspondent amy robach has the latest.

    >> lauren scruggs family says she spent christmas surrounded by loved ones and has an entire community coming out to offer support.

    >> lauren is doing amazingly well. accidentally walked into the propeller, suffering severe injuries to her head, shoulders and hands. doctors had to remove her hand and her left eye , but the scruggs family remains positive. on monday, the day after christmas , lauren 's mother posted an update on her daughter's blog saying "lo is making remarkable strides. her spirit is incredible. she's positive, hungry and cheery. her appetite is very healthy, even though she is still taking lots of pain medication ." this year the family says christmas served as a reminder sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring great joy, saying "britt and lo wore their matching pjs just for christmas eve . love has been poured out over us in ways we could never have dreamed. our hearts are changed. our lives are molded in a deeper way. lo has twin sister brittany to lean on and brit can literally feel her sister's pain. being twins and having a bond that most never understand, brit's eye has been twitching for the last four to five days every 30 seconds or so." they are still tallying the money raised at last night's fund-raiser. so far the total is at $10,000 and counting. matt?

    >> amy robach , thank you very much.

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updated 12/28/2011 8:25:18 AM ET 2011-12-28T13:25:18

While Lauren Scruggs continued to make a remarkable recovery after colliding with an airplane propeller, a large group of supporters gathered Tuesday night to raise money for her medical bills and speak about her indomitable spirit.

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The 23-year-old model and fashion blogger from the Dallas area had her left hand severed, suffered shoulder and head injuries, and eventually had her left eye removed by a team of 15 doctors after accidentally walking in darkness into a still-spinning plane propeller on Dec. 3. She had been taking a trip with a pilot friend, Curt Richmond, to see Christmas lights in the Dallas area and was believed to be moving to the front of the plane to thank him when she walked into the propeller.

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In just over three weeks since the accident, the girl affectionately known as “Lo’’ is already walking, talking, eating her favorite foods and doing numerous other activities on her own as she undergoes a painful rehabilitation process at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Her family has been regularly updating her progress on the site CaringBridge.org.

‘Remarkable strides’
“Lo is making remarkable strides!’’ her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, wrote on Monday. “Her spirit is incredible. She's positive, hungry and cheery! Her appetite is very healthy, even though she is still taking lots of pain medication.’’

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A benefit was held Tuesday night at Sambucco 360 in Plano, Texas, for the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund, which has been set up by her family to help defray the cost of her medical bills. The final figure has not been tallied yet, but so far at least $10,000 was raised from the event, which featured a silent auction with items donated by local businesses.

“Lauren is doing amazingly well,’’ one female attendee told NBC News. “I call her this little spunky firecracker.’’

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“Very strong,’’ another attendee said. “Always positive. You just instantly fall in love with her.’’

Scruggs spent Christmas surrounded by loved ones, including her twin sister, Brittany, who wore matching pajamas with Lauren on Christmas Eve. Brittany can literally feel her sister’s pain, according to their mother.

Video: Injured model spent Christmas with family (on this page)

“Being twins, and having a bond that most never understand, Britt's left eye has been twitching for the last 4-5 days every 30 seconds or so,’’ Cheryl Scruggs wrote on CaringBridge.org. “She knows it's because of the deep connection she and Lo have, and God allowing her to go through this with her at the ‘twin’ level.’’

Four days before Christmas, the creator of LoLo Magazine who once worked as a stylist on “Gossip Girl’’ hit more milestones in her recovery. She was able to make her own scrambled eggs, dress herself, brush her teeth, comb her hair and shower on her own, her mother wrote.

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