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Video: Inside Giuliana’s cancer battle  

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    >>> back now at 8:11. in october, giuliana rancic came on this broadcast on "today" to share a very personal struggle, her fight against breast cancer . in a moment we'll find out how giuliana is doing. but first, her story. for nine years, she has been the e! network celebrity news personality working the red carpet . and co-hosting the popular e! news, reporting on the latest celebrity scoops.

    >> they saved their biggest secrets for us.

    >> it was here she interviewed bill rancic .

    >> bill, you're hired.

    >> they fell in love , married, and since 2009 have chronicled their lives in the show " giuliana and bill." the reality show highlights the couple's married life and their struggle for infertility.

    >> thinking about having a kid again.

    >> on the season finale they went seeking treatment from a top ivf clinic in denver, leaving viewers would they have success this time.

    >> bye, wish us luck.

    >> but just a few weeks later giuliana shocked everyone on "today" when she revealed some very personal information .

    >> i have early stages of breast cancer .

    >> the next day giuliana underwent a double lumpectomy and had lymph nodes removed. bill joined us with a follow-up.

    >> she's a trooper. she pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out. we're hoping that we get a good report tomorrow, god willing .