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Video: How can I help my man look stylish?

  1. Transcript of: How can I help my man look stylish?

    SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, anchor: Back now with BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ and today it's our street edition. TODAY style editor and bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas hit the pavement to search out the best street style and to solve your fashion dilemmas all at the same time. Bobbie , good morning to you.

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS (Today Style Editor): Good morning.

    GUTHRIE: So we got viewer questions and then you're kind of answering it with viewers that you found on the street when you liked their looks.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. All across the county I see women every day that I love their look. So why not use them as the great answer.

    GUTHRIE: OK, well, let's get to our first question.

    Ms. THOMAS: Mm-hmm.

    GUTHRIE: And this comes from Kathy . She writes in. "I am a 52-year-old who works for a boutique in our local mall. One of the requirements of the job is being, quote, 'fashion forward.' I am the oldest of the staff and would like simple ideas on how to update my look." A good question.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, the simple answer, accessories. And so many women are going back to school or working in trendy boutiques. I found Rosanne here on the street in New York and she had on a denim jacket which a classic but it was a bit boxy and so I really wanted to do something that she could update her look with. And you'll see the after picture. A great item that you'll get more mileage out of, a statement jacket. If we can see the next photo. You'll see that I updated her with this modern jacket.

    GUTHRIE: Oh, that's cute.

    Ms. THOMAS: And then one big thing, the statement earring. It doesn't have to overpower but it will do a lot and instantly you see that there's a fashion forward update.

    GUTHRIE: Yeah, that's really cute. And it feels age appropriate. Because I'm sure Kathy and the viewers, it seems like they really don't want to be in something that doesn't feel right for them.

    Ms. THOMAS: You don't want to wear Spandex .

    GUTHRIE: Yes, exactly.

    Ms. THOMAS: You really don't. You just need a few accessories. And you'll see here in the next woman I found here on the street , Stephanie has a scarf on and it's really fantastic. The basic is the wrap dress . And that's a great thing.

    GUTHRIE: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Stay with the basic foundations but just add the pop of color, the trend in the scarf. I found Ebony who also had a great example of a scarf on, she had a basic blazer.

    GUTHRIE: That's cute.

    Ms. THOMAS: Again something that everybody might have in their closet but it's really about the trend in the scarf and even the little pop of lipstick which is great and the nails, but all around you'll see just the accessories.

    GUTHRIE: She's cute. And she tied it cute, too.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes.

    GUTHRIE: I like how she did that.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, experiment with those things that you can layer the trend on and move forward inexpensively.

    GUTHRIE: Yeah. OK, let's get to our next question. This comes from Margaret . She writes "My fiance isn't into fashion and feels frightened by things like skinny jeans . How can I" -- well, I actually can't blame him. All right, "How can I help him take baby steps to being more stylish?" Yeah, all right, so some help for the guys.

    Ms. THOMAS: PS, I'm frightened by skinny jeans .

    GUTHRIE: I know.

    Ms. THOMAS: So you know, here's the deal. Men -- scarves can go a long way, too. This is Philippe . I loved that he had this really great red scarf on in the airport. And something that's a little tough to see maybe in this photo, he has a brown shoe on with these sort of black cords and a charcoal gray jacket.

    GUTHRIE: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: And that mix is really cool. Just mix the basic neutrals and add the pop of color.

    GUTHRIE: OK, that looks great.

    Ms. THOMAS: I also have and example of somebody else.

    GUTHRIE: Joshua .

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, Joshua. You know, a statement jacket is great for a guy, too. This leather jacket really works on him. It may be a corduroy blazer or something else for your man but again, a statement jacket can work for the guys.

    GUTHRIE: Yeah, and the messenger bag looks cool too.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, I love that.

    GUTHRIE: I don't know if he did that on purpose but it looks fashionable.

    Ms. THOMAS: The murse.

    GUTHRIE: OK, on to something glamorous at the office. Amanda asks us, "I'm obsessed with all things sparkly and glamorous but my lifestyle doesn't exactly involve walking red carpets. How can I incorporate special items into my daytime wardrobe without feeling overdressed?"

    Ms. THOMAS: I think we really all can relate to this. And my tip is instead of buying a sequined dress for one of your holiday special occasions, invest in separates. I really like this look on Gabrielle . I stopped her in the street and said, 'Wait, wait. Let me take your picture.' You see that she has a sequined blouse on and a satin skirt so these are separates that she could wear to a holiday party. But the key here is really the low-key ponytail...

    GUTHRIE: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...and this oversized bag, which really dresses down the sparkly outfit.

    GUTHRIE: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: And I just think it's a fantastic idea so you can get more wear out those special occasion pieces.

    GUTHRIE: She has the cute shoes, too.

    Ms. THOMAS: I love those shoes, too. The little yellow shoe is great. But even if she had a nude shoe that could further dress it down.

    GUTHRIE: Or if you did want to buy the sequin dress maybe throw a blazer, something over it to kind of neutralize it?

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. The only thing I would caution because if you're going to work make sure it's in a black or a jewel tone color .

    GUTHRIE: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: No hot pink sequins. No neon sequins.

    GUTHRIE: Note to self. OK, there goes tomorrow's outfit. All right, let's get our next letter from new mom Christine . And she says, "I'm a new mom with a hectic schedule so I need to be comfortable during the day. While I want to wear sweats, they don't make me feel great myself. So how can I add some polish?"

    Ms. THOMAS: Who doesn't want to wear sweats.

    GUTHRIE: I know, or PJs . Sometimes PJs , too.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly. I think the key here that I would advise is don't separate your sweats and put them in a drawer separate from your regular clothes. Go ahead and mix them in. Hang them in your closet by, you know, arm length.

    GUTHRIE: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: You'll see on Grace from San Francisco I stopped her, great example of her sweatshirt but the keys that really added polish was, the -- you know this buttoned down shirt that was crisp and tailored.

    GUTHRIE: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: And the patent shoe. This was a really great addition to make the whole look work together. So you can. I mean, essentially this is just a sweat shirt and jeans.

    GUTHRIE: Yep.

    Ms. THOMAS: But the other two items, opposites attract, are a little dressier.

    GUTHRIE: It's cute.

    Ms. THOMAS: And so you could kind of do that in your wardrobe and sometimes when you open your closet you can just be inspired by what you see sitting next to each other. So, yeah.

    GUTHRIE: All right. Some great ideas. Good questions from viewers and good looks on the street , too. Bobbie Thomas , thanks so much.

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updated 11/16/2011 6:14:13 PM ET 2011-11-16T23:14:13

It's always exciting to learn about the latest designs and hottest trends, but sometimes we all need a little help with the basics. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas tackles some of your most common fashion dilemmas.

Fashion after 50?
I've received so many emails from women who are about to head back to school or back into the workforce and are wondering how they can feel a little more fashion forward without breaking the bank. The quick answer is to accessorize. Most of us have a plethora of basic jeans, skirts and button-downs that make for a perfect jumping off point. So rather than buy a "wear-it-once" trendy top, invest in a few colorful scarves, some sleek statement earrings or a modern jacket. You'll be able to reinvent these pieces time and time again. Plus, they can help you look pulled together, professional and stylish all at once.

Need style advice from Bobbie Thomas? Share your dilemma!

Help for your hubby?
When it comes to fashion, men aren't always eager to update their wardrobes or try a new trend, so I often I hear from girlfriends, wives, mothers and sisters seeking advice.  My first recommendation is to take baby steps. You can suggest that he roll up a pant hem, toss on a scarf or mix things up when it comes to color. For example, subtle shades of brown and black paired together can look sophisticated and chic. Beyond reworking what's already in the closet, men can also scoop up a great statement-making jacket. For some it might be a leather motorcycle style, while others might opt for a utility jacket or blazer, but in any case, it will make a welcome addition to his usual uniform of jeans and a tee.

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How can you 'shine' during the day?
With the holidays coming up, sparkle seems to be everywhere, from high fashion runways and red carpets to store windows and makeup counters. But as tantalizing as glitter and glitz can be, they can be a challenge to incorporate into your daytime or work wardrobe. Consider slipping into sequined separates rather than a dress, that way you balance your ensemble out with more structured pieces like tailored pants, a pencil skirt or a satchel. If you're going to work, also consider a low-key hairdo like a loose ponytail. It'll feel youthful and fresh instead of overdone and coifed.

Do style and comfort need to be exclusive?
All women want to look polished and feel comfortable, and this can be especially challenging for new moms. Thankfully, there are a few quick fixes that can help and require no additional shopping excursions. Next time you find yourself staring blankly at the closet, remember that opposites attract and that a few crisp items can sharpen up the look of the sweats you're dying to wear. Try a tailored button-down under a sweatshirt and add patent leather flats for extra polish. Another insider trick? Store casual clothes in the closet near more formal items; just seeing them near each other will help you envision countless new combinations.

Need style advice from Bobbie Thomas? Share your dilemma!

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Photos: 5 fall trends you'll wear into the spring

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  1. 5 fall trends you'll wear into the spring

    By Bobbie Thomas

    Although most of us have yet to wear new favorites for this fall, the Spring 2012 shows just wrapped up here at New York Fashion week. And while Heidi Klum’s catch phrase “One minute you are in, and the next you are out!” may come to mind, there’s a glam silver lining. I’ve taken note of the looks we’ll be seeing again in the new year, so you can invest wisely now:

    Be bold
    The colorblocking trend that's all over stores this year continues to be a statement-maker for spring, with bold stripes and vibrant color on the runways at BCBG Max Azria, Tommy Hilfiger and others. The punchy pinks, bright corals, and neon-like yellows that turned up the volume on the runways could easily be worn this winter with black, browns, and caramel. Then come next year, lighten them up with white and beige.

    Neon Lace Mini, $82.33, Asos.com (AP, asos) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Go long

    Midi-length skirts, dresses and airy maxis flowed down the runways of Derek Lam, DKNY, Jason Wu and many more with hemlines of every kind – asymmetrical, scoop, handkerchief and slits have all been seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. So the longer lengths you’ve seen all summer and in stores this fall will be wise investments. Keep warm by pairing these ladylike styles with boots and textured tights and keep cool come spring by pairing with wedges or a simple flat.

    Box Pleated Hi Low, $58, Needsupply.com (Getty Images/Need Supply Co.) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Love leather

    Forget the clunky coats of decades past – recent runways have shown sleek leather dresses and cute, cropped jackets. A slim pencil skirt in black or rust leather is also great buy; it can complement a soft sweater or tie neck blouse for the office and can be worn with a dainty tee or top for a fresh, seasonless style.

    Leather Front Tee, $100, Topshop.com (Getty Images/TOPSHOP) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. Prints and patterns

    The fall runways were full of mixed motifs. Navajo met geometric, animal print paired up with stripes, graphics even met with polka dots. The clash of designs were seen again, and lots of digital prints were shown. Designers such as Prabal Gurung, Cynthia Rowley, and Alexander Wang paraded "look-at-me"-printed prints down the catwalk. Consider what’s already in your closet or pick up some bold pieces, so you can start experimenting now to perfect your favorite combos.

    Snakeskin Print Blazer, $79.99, Zara.com (Getty Images/ZARA) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. Tribal motifs

    Tribal motifs popped up on fall runways and again in the Spring 2012 collections. The earthy ethnic looks are a great year round way to mix in a bit of bohemian chic. For just a hint, pick up a statement necklace or handbag, pair with black for a little edge, or go for head-to-toe with a dress.

    Flutter Sleeve Printed Chiffon Trim Handkerchief Hem, $34.99, Macys.com (Getty Images/Macy's) Back to slideshow navigation
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