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IMAGE: Breaking Dawn
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Bella weds with her grandmother's heirloom comb in her hair, and since her parents added sapphires, it covers both her "something old" and her "something blue."
updated 11/4/2011 3:43:01 PM ET 2011-11-04T19:43:01

All right, now this latest "Breaking Dawn" clip is for those "Twilight" fans who just love the little romantic details of the wedding, and really, that's got to be the majority of fans.

In this scene, Bella's parents, Charlie and Renee, present her with a special gift before she walks down the aisle to marry vampire Edward.

As readers of the books know, it's a beautiful diamond comb for her hair, and the Swans have added sapphires so it is not just "something old," but also "something blue" for the bride.

This clip is actually my favorite of all the snippets released so far, and reminds us that even though there are many ludicrous things about this entire series, the casting was actually excellent.

The always high-strung Renee is crying and ruining her mascara, as she would. The more taciturn Charlie, who looks darn good in a tux, is uncomfortable about entering the all-female dressing room, as Charlie of the books would be. Yet he still manages to get in a self-deprecating joke ("I know I look hot") and a bonus dig at Renee, telling Bella she needed something old, "besides your mother."

And the clip ends on a touching note, as Renee blubbers that the comb, which belonged to Bella's grandmother, is her "first family heirloom" and can be passed on to Bella's own daughter. Bella visibly gulps at this.

Of course she has no idea that vampire-human hybrid Renesmee can be created, and thinks that a daughter is one of those dreams she'll have to give up to join the vampire world. Little does she know, little does she know.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is TODAY.com's movies editor.

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Video: Watch the 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Pt. 1' trailer

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