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When 39-year-old Lance Lyngaas, a father of three, died of a stroke, his family donated his organs -- just like he always said he wanted. His widow, Jessica Lyngaas, wrote this letter to the organ transplant recipient whose life he saved.

Hello and greetings to you through this process.  My name is Jessica and I am Lance’s spouse of 16 years. We reside on a farm, which is the home farm Lance grew up on.  Lance was a farmer, truck driver, jack of all trades.  

We married June 17, 1995 and began our journey through life as husband and wife. We were blessed with a son Levi in 1996, another son, Lucas in 1997, and then a daughter, Morgan in 1998.  We grew fond of each other even more through the years.  Lance was always a very giving person who never took rest.  He enjoyed helping others, working hard, and making memories with his family.   Family time was top on his list.   We had a strong commitment  to each other and I never had to worry he always provided.  Lance was never afraid to do more than what was expected.  He loved to visit and could visit with anyone. Guarantee if someone new met Lance that day, they now became a new friend.  He was a great example for all.  He respected everyone, taught many, and encouraged those who needed encouragement.  He was a wonderful teacher.  From the basics in life to the tough struggles that many have to go through.  Besides farming, Lance enjoyed fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, and just making memories.

Courtesy Jessica Lyngaas
Jessica and Lance Lyngaas

Our oldest son Levi will be a sophomore and he too works very hard like his dad.  He works at an airport for a crop duster and fuels the plane with jet fuel and chemical.  He also has a farmer he helps with in the spring, harvest time, and fall.  Lucas will be an 8th grader and was his dad’s little sidekick.  He too loves to farm and is very capable of much.  He works for the farmer my husband worked for, doing spring and fall tillage, combining, running grain cart, and also has a gifted talent of being a mechanic. Morgan was ‘daddy’s little girl.’ She will be a 7th grader and is very studious as her dad was.  Lance always made time to cook, bake, or be her play-mate.  That was always the neatest thing to watch.  She enjoys quilting, sewing, shopping, and her dad would always be right along side of her... helping her needs be met.    Lance taught all of his kids what truly is important in life and I know it will always live on in them.

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I am a nurse and enjoy helping and caring for others.  Thus, probably why Lance and I got a long so well.  We have strong faith and totally believe that our Maker always has the last say and he will provide. We enjoyed growing together and raising our children.  I could have never asked for anything more.  We were partners in the name of parenting  each of us taking roles, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, and always making time for us.  We never had a dull moment.  Humor and much laughter surrounded  each of our days together.  Lance had quick wit  and could always bring somebody out of the blues. When I look now at all he did and has done... and is continuing to do; well this is Lance... He doesn’t take rest...and has now given more life.  I have always been so proud of my husband for all his acts of kindness, not ever being selfish, and his huge gift of always giving.  I am so honored as his wife to be able to write to you right now and know that his gifts will continue to grow and provide life for you and your family.  He has left a huge Legacy for all.

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