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Video: Police obtain search warrant in missing baby case

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    >> turn to the search for lisa irwin, the kansas city baby who disappeared two weeks ago. police obtained a search warrant for the baby's home. peter alexander has details on that.

    >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. police tell nbc news they will execute that later today. this is the home where the parents say their baby daughter disappeared now more than two weeks ago. the parents have been staying elsewhere but police have been standing guard overnight. that means lisa 's parents are no longer allowed to freely enter that home. this as the hunt for clues continues elsewhere too. investigators is swarmed this wooded area tuesday even temporarily setting up a no-fly zone above for their fourth search at this site just blocks from the irwin family home.

    >> we developed it and unfortunately didn't pan out.

    >> reporter: the site is near this dumpster where firefighters tell nbc news they responded to a fire an hour and a half before lisa 's parents reported the baby missing from her crib. lisa 's mother, deborah bradley says police showed her burned clothing during questioning. the tense relationship between the two shows little side of cooling. the police say the parents have not agreed to an unrestricted interview for 11 days after deborah became uncomfortable with the questions and ended their conversation.

    >> deborah , do you think you'll be arrested.

    >> i don't know. i hope not. i had absolutely nothing to do with it. it's a waste of time, money, energy and focus and people should be looking for her.

    >> reporter: returning to a relative's home tuesday lisa 's parents ignored reporters' questions. still, new scrutiny is focused on apparent inconsistencies related to deborah 's time line from that night. the couple's attorney tuesday on "today."

    >> obviously she wasn't marking the time down when putting the baby to bed.

    >> reporter: two days earlier she said she was. when was the last time you saw her.

    >> 6:40. i looked at the clock and she had been in bed.

    >> reporter: we watched home videos of lisa from earlier this year. it's hard to watch that, isn't it? she's adorable.

    >> it makes me feel good but it makes me overwhelmed at the same time because i don't know if i'll ever have more than those videos. it's a scary thought.

    >> yeah, it's hard. that's her. there she is. that's how she always was, happy and talking to everybody.

    >> reporter: police tell nbc news that they have in their custody evidence that is the computer hard drives on those hard drives lisa 's parents say is some other video of their baby daughter that they were hoping to release to help bring more public interest to the case. matt.

    >> all right, pete alexander in kansas city this morning. thank


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