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IMAGE: Ritchie, Madonna
Richard Lewis  /  AP file
updated 3/16/2004 2:37:38 AM ET 2004-03-16T07:37:38

Is Guy Ritchie looking to make his own “Passion”?

Madonna’s hubby had been trying to make a film called “Revolver,” but studios have shied away it because the script is filled with references to Kabbalah, the branch of Judaism that Ritchie and Madonna follow that has been called a cult.

Now, a source says, Ritchie has been scouting out historic sites in Israel for a movie he wants to make. “Guy refused to make changes in ‘Revolver’ because he said it was inspired by God,” says the source. “Now he’s going ahead with some sort of film about Israel anyway. It’s unclear if he wants to make a documentary or a drama filled with religious references or maybe if he wants to film Madonna singing there, but he’s very deep into Kabbalah — even more than her at this point — and he is clearly eager to make a religious statement in film.”

Madonna raised eyebrows earlier this month when, as reported here, she made plans to give concerts at various sites in Israel, including the historic King Solomon’s mine. Spokeswomen for Madonna and Ritchie didn’t return calls for comment.

Stern hypocrisy

IMAGE: Stern
Jeff Zelevansky  /  AP
Some critics are saying that Clear Channel is being selectively moralistic.

The radio station, which is dropping Howard Stern from some of its stations because of his vulgar and off-color comments, is also sponsoring Britney Spears' bump and grind concert. Spears' Onyx Hotel concert, which has been blasted as banal and uninspired by some reviewers, has also been called “tawdry” and “racy.” At one point she pulls a man’s head between her legs, and at another, couples are seen writhing in bed.

“Clear Channel bans Howard and promotes this?” gripes one Stern fan. “Can you say ‘hypocrisy’?”

Notes from all over

IMAGE: Stewart
Louis Lanzano  /  AP
It’s not easy being a Martha Stewart fan these days. Supporters of the domestic diva held a “Save Martha Day” rally in Manhattan over the weekend. There weren’t many of them but they were passionate — and were confronted by anti-Martha types who hollered “She lied!” at them. One heckler accused the Stewart supporters of being hired by the diva herself and said that if what Stewart did was okay, K-Mart should legalize shoplifting.  . . . British actress Lucy Davis turned down a role opposite Cameron Diaz after she read the script, which described her as Diaz’s “fat, ugly sister.” “Sixth Sense” star Toni Collette got the role.  . . . Perhaps the part should have gone to Charlize Theron. “People often can’t imagine what I’m capable of as an actress,” the Oscar-winning “Monster” star told the German mag Bunte. “It’s hard to go into a room and tell everyone: ‘Don’t pay attention to my looks, consider the fact that I’m an actress and I’m capable of transforming myself.’”

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