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Video: Ethics group defends ‘despicable’ Edwards

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    >>> john edwards is getting surprising help with his criminal defense . an ethics group plans to urge a judge to drop the charges against him. lisa meyeymyers is here in washington.

    >> good morning, ann. it grabs your attention when a group expose ed dedicated to political corruption takes his defense. john edwards used illegal campaign contributions to cover up his affair and child with r rielle hunter. the trial in north carolina is delayed until january so edwards ' lawyers can go through 400,000 pages of investigation so it won't interrupt his oldest daughter kate's wedding to her sweetheart. cities for ethical responsibility will call for the case to be dismissed.

    >> i think the case is ridiculous frankly.

    >> reporter: melanie sloan heads the organization. your group usually goes after political scoundrels. why not earth would you be siding with a disgraced politician like john edwards ?

    >> it is hard to come to the defense to somebody as despicable as john edwards yet in this case the justice department is taking a novel and aggressive prosecution you have to wonder why they're doing this.

    >> reporter: the government says two wealthy donors provided almost $1 million to hide a pregant hunter from voters a.d

    >> if you take away the seedy nature and bullet it down to essence it's a typical fraud case.

    >> reporter: edwards ' lawyers want the case thrown out saying it's unprecedented and politically motivated.

    >> i'm george holding and running for congress.

    >> reporter: u.s. attorney george holding oversaw the edwards case and quit his job to run for congress weeks after edwards was charged. now edwards claims his long time adversary brought him down for political gain. george holding told us that he can't comment on an ongoing case, and edwards continues to maintain that he did not break the law. many veteran prosecutors believe this case will end with some kind of plea deal, ann, because both sides have a strong incentive to avoid a trial.

    >> lisa myers , thank you for keeping an eye on all

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