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Video: ‘Jersey Shore’ stars talk about their nicknames

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    >>> seems like only yesterday the cast of " jersey shore " was trying to make its way into florence , the part of history known for cultural history .

    >> and sami is known as sami the sweetheart and diana is blast in a glass.

    >> hook up. let's go home.

    >> i love you. you love me?

    >> i love you.

    >> i'm fine.

    >> if you don't feel good, let me know .

    >> no. i feel fine.

    >> watch your step there.

    >> hit the concrete.

    >> let me see that again.

    >> wow. you guys were watching that video. are you laughing kind of or are you embarrassed? what do you think when you look at that?

    >> you know what? i don't get embarrassed at this point any more. when you're there, you drink, we have a good time. down the shore i do that. that's me if i get a little drunk --

    >> it is in slow-mo.

    >> it's okay.

    >> even when you're not drinking, she is always like that.

    >> okay. you've been a cast member since the beginning, right? you watched the evolution. how has it changed? you walk down the street normally. now it's a thing.

    >> i think people recognize us all the time. i think now because it's gone so far, we have been given opportunities to meet some amazing people and travel and experience new things.

    >> it seems like it's gone progressively more wild. in some cases it looks like it got out of control. the drinking, the hooking.

    >> multiple sexual partners .

    >> actually, in italy , i didn't have sex once there. i really didn't. i made out, yes. when it came to italy , this is what people forget. we're in a house without cell phones, without music, without anything. no communication with the outside world .

    >> so it's i like a nonery.

    >> kind of. kind of. also, unlike other reality shows where they'll take certain days to film and have a day off, we have no days off. everything is recorded. at that point, especially in italy we were out of our comfort zone . if you're in that house and there is nothing to do, you can hear a pin drop. okay, give me a glass of wine. you know?

    >> we agree with you on that. we have common ground here.

    >> they don't show us around italy shopping. there are things you don't see.

    >> sami the sweetheart. they call you the heartbreaker kid. where did that come from?

    >> i don't know about the heartbreaker. sweetheart came from my friends. they call me, you know, the sweetest girls because their friends have an attitude.

    >> are you guys dating anyone, anyone from the show, anyone outside the show, each other, anything?

    >> each other. best friends .

    >> what's happening here? are you guys fighting over him? who is that?

    >> we're not fighting over him.

    >> is that pauley d.?

    >> that's renaldo.

    >> who is that?

    >> my guy.

    >> is that a new one? i can't tell the difference between those. i cannot tell who is who.

    >> really? they're very different.

    >> i'm sorry. okay. okay.

    >> great to see you.

    >> thank you.

    >> and florence survived. florence is still intact. it's safe to go back.

    >> we would love to go back. thank you.

    >> thank you for having fun with us. you can catch the season finale of " jersey shore " this thursday on mtv.