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Video: 60-mph wind gusts in Chicago

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    >>> meantime, chicago is being battered right now by powerful winds, exceptionally strong winds. and producing giant waves along the waterfront. the weather channel meteorologist mike seidel joins us now. we heard it would be a rough day and it is holding up to that. incredible.

    >> reporter: a giant wind machine here. not only here but into the northeast. it will be very windy in boston and new york city . look at lake michigan being churned up. given another six or eight hours, these winds continue continue to crease. they're gusting up to 45 miles an hour. flight off lake michigan and creating these five, six-foot waves. later the way, may have 20-footers out off the coast. look at the skyline. there's the shedd aquarium . those north of here, it is just too dangerous. you get a sense of how strong it is. look at the winds whistling through the trees by the planetarium. this will be a continuing story overnight into tomorrow. all the way back east. and with the wind, a lot of airport delays and all the major hubs from o'hare and new york and boston. once again tom, long airport delays and also, keep in mind the higher elevated structures. the sky scrapers will have even stronger winds. it will be a long and probably sleepless night for many of those who live in a little higher altitude on the lake front in chicago. back to you.

    >> and with all those big trees , you have to wonder if some come down, you have to deal with possible power outages as well.

    >> reporter: yeah, there's enough wind here, we may have some trees, some winds coming down knocking out power. with when you get inland, it is not quite as bad. at midway, winds are only at 30 miles an hour.

    >> thank you very much for the live report .

    >> reporter: sure.


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