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Video: David Cassidy: ‘I’ve been grossly underpaid’

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    >>> to the mega-tv hit in the '07s with former "the partridge family " star david cassidy who has now filed a lawsuit related to the show that made him famous and is now here in the studio to talk about the case. act actor, sing eer david cassidy . you filed a suit against sony .

    >> yesterday.

    >> big, big company. why are you suing?

    >> well, it is just a matter of trying to be proactive when you get the response that you don't acknowledge that we owe you anything, they never sent me statements. i'm entitled to a percentage of the net proceeds. excuse me. on the show, for the television show itself which has been in syndication for 35 years. the dvds that have been released the cds. and truly, as a contractually, we are -- we have been business partners and we are business partners. as opposed to it is sad that, you know, when you try and have a relationship that is -- i have been grossly underpaid. i have done everything i can, including tonight where i'm performing singing "the partridge family " songs in new jersey at the theater. tomorrow night i'm out on tour.

    >> you promote the "the partridge family ."

    >> i do.

    >> you know, it is -- ubiquitous. i can tell you even though i have a young staff and said you were coming in, they broke out into song. they all know these songs.

    >> it has been -- internationally. i mean, the show is -- syndication now for -- forever. it is in various countries playing. it is awn round here in the united states . we are talking -- it has been -- successful half hour television show that columbia pictures television which -- conglomerate sony purchased. and for decades --

    >> we asked sony -- i-want to at least show what they wrote to us. we have dealt with mr. cassidy in a completely lawful and appropriate way and we are confident that we will prevail in any proceeding. what do you think you are owed?

    >> well, until they open up their books, i was never able to audit them to find out how much i was owed for the last three decades, 3 1/2 decades.

    >> do you have a ballpark figure, do you think?

    >> my attorneys says it is tens of millions of dollars. the last thing you want to do, though, when you have an opportunity to have a -- an asset which has been legendary, i mean, everybody associates me, david cassidy , with "the partridge family ." it launched my career. it certainly -- i had a lot to do with its international success. partridge family never performed live. we should be looking as allies as opposed to the last thing i ever wanted to do which i think is very sad to have to be treated fairly, with respect, and -- acknowledge the fact that until two years ago i didn't have a contract. which is like being a toothless tiger. contacting them over the years. saying really and truly, i just got a statement that said "the partridge family " isn't even in profit. and not to acknowledge with all of the merchandising that has -- had been done, i was the first globally marketed and merchandised human being all over the world based on a television and recording career. you know, i played the biggest stadiums all over the world. i continued to perform and promote "the partridge family ." and i have always done everything i can on my part. and not to acknowledge that i'm entitled to the moneys that they never -- they never accounted to me for.

    >> good luck with the show tonight. as you con to tour. it is great of you to come in. especially to run over here.

    >> come to red bank tonight.

    >> we appreciate it. david cassidy . thank you so much.

    >> thank you.