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Video: Weird and wacky accessories

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    >>> do it. some creative minds have wonderful, wacky dreams.

    >> bobbie with some unique and beautiful finds.

    >> i had no idea you two have known each other for many, many years.

    >> many, many, more than either one of us wants to admit.

    >> 13 years.

    >> we won't get into your history.

    >> back in the day.

    >> all bobbie's cool finds. we have not independently verified any of the claims by these companies. we found them interesting.

    >> this is fun. this is courtesy of the manzo brothers of "real housewives." this is blackwater. there is no smell.

    >> it's like water, regular water?

    >> it looks like a diet soda or something. it's regular water. it takes like water.

    >> why is it black?

    >> it has folic acid which lets you absorb the water faster. there is lots of great stuff in it that is supposed to be good for you. this could be the new trend.

    >> you think you're going to get coke.

    >> i've been drinking this for the last two days to try it. i now adjusted. it's kind of cool.

    >> it is very cool.

    >> that's what they say. this is a website i if he'll in love with. get cheeky.com. this person has come up with all kinds of ideas including the workout utensils. that is a two-pound dumbbell. i was shaking while i was trying to do this at home. it's a workout while you seat.

    >> these are heavy.

    >> these are stickers that if you put on your bag, you will definitely have your bag stand out.

    >> you might get pulled over by security.

    >> you may not real ize it's just a tag on there.

    >> what else is in, cat hair. it's the big new craze. there is a book november 1st crafting cat with cat hair. this is an artist i love. they are all about cycling. heidi abrahamson is one. cat hair. i have to say it's catching on. i know it's not what you're expecting, but it comes with a certificate of authenticity. it came from a cat. hoda, if you don't know what to do with the wedding rings once a marriage hasn't worked out, you can get a wedding ring coffin.

    >> it's not just me, okay?

    >> you can have it personalized. "six feet isn't deep enough." and beauty trends. these are pills in case you don't, you think your stuff stinks, if your friend says my stuff doesn't stink, it's called odrfree. thank god kathie is not here.

    >> i'm not saying i need it.

    >> wash it down with blackwater.

    >> you heard the trend about your girlfriends -- you got it? there is a big trend about your girlfriends looking perky. now the new trend is your girlfriends are supposed to be pink. it's a pink nipple cream.

    >> your girlfriends?

    >> your girlfriends.

    >> oh.

    >> last but not least, i was hysterical laughing at this website, booty pillows.com. they have a video. this is an actual item that you can sleep with.

    >> can i take this on the plane with me?

    >> this is the boyfriend pillow. i was going to make

Designer and silversmith Heidi Abrahamson shapes cat hair into beads and incorporates them into jewelry.
TODAY contributor
updated 9/29/2011 1:38:30 PM ET 2011-09-29T17:38:30

As the saying goes, "If you can dream it you can do it" — and creative minds out there seem to have some wonderfully wacky dreams. As a result, TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas is back with more unique and unusual finds that will make you stop and say "Hmmm."

Blk water
When it comes to water, the term "crystal clear" historically applies. Today, the folks behind the newest innovation in bottled water, Blk, aim to change this. Their water is a proprietary blend of fulvic acid (a naturally occurring substance found in plant matter) and water from a pure artesian spring fed by aquifers deep within the Canadian wilderness. The formula of humic and fulvic acids is naturally black and absorbs quickly, hydrating you faster than regular water ($55 per case; blkbeverages.com).

If you visit GetCheeky.com, you'll likely either end up giggling or thanking your lucky stars that someone created that one thing you never knew you always wanted. With everything from their Eat Fit($70-160) utensils, which claim to help you work out while you eat, to HickyTats($15) and even Strange Suitcase Stickers($25-55), you can easily spend an hour browsing their inventory.

Cat hairball jewelry
There's a hair-raising new trend popping up everywhere from handmade marketplace (and personal favorite of mine) Etsy to modern jewelry designers. It all started a few months ago with "National Cat Hairball Awareness Day," when cat lover Kate Benjamin and jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson set out to turn the "furry frustrations" into something chic. The process entails hand-rolling excess hair into soft, dainty beads and then slipping them onto sleek, metal designs. Abrahamson can take custom orders through her website and a portion of the proceeds are given to cat and animal rescue facilities ($135 and up; heidiabrahamson.com). If you're looking to scoop up similar styles, you can also visit Flora Davis' etsy shop, where the San Francisco based artist sells quirky and elegant sculptural necklaces that are sure to delight any cat lover ($95 and up; etsy.com/shop/floradavis).

Hair today, bling tomorrow: It's jewelry made from cat fur

Wedding ring casket
Breaking up is hard to do, but if you've decided to go your separate ways and you don't want to pawn or redesign your ring, there is one more option to consider — a proper burial for your band. The Wedding Ring Coffin aims to serve as the final resting place for a ring that could otherwise spend eternity banished to the bottom of your jewelry box. Made of solid wood with a mahogany finish, the box comes with an engraved brass plaque that can be customized to convey your final thoughts on the relationship ($34.95; Weddingringcoffin.com).

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Perky Pink Cream and Odafree
From anti-aging shampoo and conditioner for your dead hair strands to some of the interesting ingredients that can now be found in face creams, there are items out there for just about everything. Sure enough, there is now a way to keep your girlfriends not only perky, but pink. Pretty Pink Nipple Cream also claims to condition your skin, leaving it smooth and supple ($11.99; bonanza.com). And for those who think that theirs doesn't stink, now maybe it really won't. Odafree is an all natural over-the-counter supplement pill that claims to eliminate a certain organic odor. Imagine how much more comfortable your elevator ride or train commute would be if everyone started taking them ($15; takeawhiff.com)?

Booty and Boyfriend Pillows
When your loved one isn't around to cuddle with, you can still cozy up to the next best thing with a Booty or Boyfriend pillow. Designed with a female derriere in mind, the Booty Pillow is the "world's first male comfort pillow" made of high grade 100 percent Polyurethane foam and shaped to mimic a woman's curves ($29.99; bootypillows.com). Conversely, if you're looking to snuggle up under a warm, soft arm, enter the Boyfriend pillow, the pillow with a built-in hug. The comfortable design will offer you a pleasant night's rest or relaxing way to watch TV ($34.99; wayfair.com).

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Photos: 5 fall trends you'll wear into the spring

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  1. 5 fall trends you'll wear into the spring

    By Bobbie Thomas

    Although most of us have yet to wear new favorites for this fall, the Spring 2012 shows just wrapped up here at New York Fashion week. And while Heidi Klum’s catch phrase “One minute you are in, and the next you are out!” may come to mind, there’s a glam silver lining. I’ve taken note of the looks we’ll be seeing again in the new year, so you can invest wisely now:

    Be bold
    The colorblocking trend that's all over stores this year continues to be a statement-maker for spring, with bold stripes and vibrant color on the runways at BCBG Max Azria, Tommy Hilfiger and others. The punchy pinks, bright corals, and neon-like yellows that turned up the volume on the runways could easily be worn this winter with black, browns, and caramel. Then come next year, lighten them up with white and beige.

    Neon Lace Mini, $82.33, Asos.com (AP, asos) Back to slideshow navigation
  2. Go long

    Midi-length skirts, dresses and airy maxis flowed down the runways of Derek Lam, DKNY, Jason Wu and many more with hemlines of every kind – asymmetrical, scoop, handkerchief and slits have all been seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. So the longer lengths you’ve seen all summer and in stores this fall will be wise investments. Keep warm by pairing these ladylike styles with boots and textured tights and keep cool come spring by pairing with wedges or a simple flat.

    Box Pleated Hi Low, $58, Needsupply.com (Getty Images/Need Supply Co.) Back to slideshow navigation
  3. Love leather

    Forget the clunky coats of decades past – recent runways have shown sleek leather dresses and cute, cropped jackets. A slim pencil skirt in black or rust leather is also great buy; it can complement a soft sweater or tie neck blouse for the office and can be worn with a dainty tee or top for a fresh, seasonless style.

    Leather Front Tee, $100, Topshop.com (Getty Images/TOPSHOP) Back to slideshow navigation
  4. Prints and patterns

    The fall runways were full of mixed motifs. Navajo met geometric, animal print paired up with stripes, graphics even met with polka dots. The clash of designs were seen again, and lots of digital prints were shown. Designers such as Prabal Gurung, Cynthia Rowley, and Alexander Wang paraded "look-at-me"-printed prints down the catwalk. Consider what’s already in your closet or pick up some bold pieces, so you can start experimenting now to perfect your favorite combos.

    Snakeskin Print Blazer, $79.99, Zara.com (Getty Images/ZARA) Back to slideshow navigation
  5. Tribal motifs

    Tribal motifs popped up on fall runways and again in the Spring 2012 collections. The earthy ethnic looks are a great year round way to mix in a bit of bohemian chic. For just a hint, pick up a statement necklace or handbag, pair with black for a little edge, or go for head-to-toe with a dress.

    Flutter Sleeve Printed Chiffon Trim Handkerchief Hem, $34.99, Macys.com (Getty Images/Macy's) Back to slideshow navigation
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