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Video: Food to boost metabolism, memory over 50

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    >>> morning on "today's woman," feeling good after 50. florence henderson and "today" nutritionist joy bauer had the hosts of a new show called "good food, good deeds," focusing on a positive lifestyle for boomers and beyond. good morning to both of you. first of all, florence , we talked last week and you busted out saying you were 77 years old.

    >> yes.

    >> people just looking at you are going to see you as a walking billboard for what you should be doing.

    >> unbelievable.

    >> healthy and beautiful at your age.

    >> well, if you want to be healthy at my age -- which is, as you said, 77, you have to exercise, you have to be aware of nutrition and on "good food, good deeds," meals on wheels allowed us to be able to go out and feed some very hungry seniors who are alone. i didn't know if people realize the problem in this country and how many seniors out there aren't getting --

    >> i didn't realize. i didn't realize. and it is really a celebration of food. we toss out healthy, delicious recipes and smart tips for everybody to feel fit and fabulous, like florence , as they age.

    >> what happens as we age. our metabolism slows down.

    >> that causes a major loss of muscle. in fact you and joy were talking about some of the questions that should be asked regarding how to speed up your metabolism.

    >> metabolism is a big one. unfortunately, starting in your 20s, every decade of life your metabolism naturally slows between 1% and 2%. you can tell from this chart. in your 20s if you burn 2,000 calories, in your 40s you're going to lose about 80 calories. in your 60s, another 80 calories. and in your 70s and 80s it starts to slow down as well. good news is there are two things you can do to boost it back up.

    >> exercise! which i do.

    >> i think walk being is the go-to exercise for so many people. it's convenient, it's cheap, it's easy on your joints. at least 30 minutes a day. and the other thing to do is incorporate protein at all of your meals. chicken and fish and beans and lentils. because these things also bump up your metabolism.

    >> what kind of exercise do you do, florence ?

    >> i do treadmill. i work out with a trainer three times a week. also it is very important to do some weights. you know, because osteoporosis creeps in and also arthritis. as a matter of fact, i have arthritis in this hand because i sign every piece of fan mail for almost 60 years in this business. but --

    >> oh, poor florence !

    >> it hurts. i know.

    >> but at least it's from signing all the fan mail . but there are a lot of things that you can do.

    >> these foods in particular in fact can be kind of helpful.

    >> you want to think bright orange. any of the produce items like sweet potatoes and pumpkin an the winter squashes are loaded with nutrients that suppress the aches and pains of arthritis. the other things, spices. tumeric, the main ingredient in curry, and i love these handy food choppers.

    >> you can't put this in there.

    >> no, no. it is vegetables. what happens is you chop up and down, up and down, and it makes --

    >> is it hard on arthritis?

    >> no, because it makes prepping meals much easier than gripping a knife and it is a big complaint with a lot of people because they can't chop things.

    >> also, i take tons of vitamins. i mean i really do. i read up on --

    >> tons. like?

    >> i take the omegas, hyaluronic acid . we take so many different ones.

    >> calcium.

    >> as you get older, it is very important.

    >> it is hard the older you get to get your b-12 out of your food. you need a little augmentation. is that right?

    >> it is. because you don't absorb it as efficie efficiently. i think that everybody after 50 should be taking a multi-vitamin that is specifically designed for them. you want at least 100% of the b-12 and ideally 1,000 units of vitamin d . there are a lot of good formulas out there.

    >> i take more than that with vitamin d .

    >> do you.

    >> i think the most thing on "good food, good deeds" we talk about, as you get older you worry about memory loss . you worry about will you be able to remember things. there are things that we can do.

    >> there are things that you can do. and whether it comes to boosting your memory, we already talked about exercise. i mean that is the magic bullet because exercise, believe it or not, can prevent shrinkage that goes on in our brain as we age.

    >> and our bodies.

    >> we know this through science. but also when it comes to meals like this, this is literally a perfect memory boosting meal. it is the omega-3 fatty fish , leafy greens , and i actually even put this on our website at today.com. it is a memory boosting smoothie. because, ann, it is loaded with frozen berries. which you can get year-round. they're inexpensive and they have something that really helps your brain.

    >> what berries?

    >> blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, all berries really help your brain and your memory.

    >> wait, who are you again?

    >> she's kidding!

    >> have a sip of this. how fast does this sucker work? like a couple minutes?

    >> do you recognize this woman?

    >> hey!

    >> i'm amazing.

    >> honey, you're unforgettable.

    >> i love you.

    >> that will always be the case. enjoy. thanks so much to both of you for being here. the show is called "good food good deeds," it debuts this wednesday on retirement living television to help

By TODAY nutritionist and diet editor
updated 9/26/2011 8:36:45 AM ET 2011-09-26T12:36:45

Makes 1 serving = 2 cups

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Berries get their deep hue from anthocyanins, potent antioxidants that protect your brain cells from aging processes. The flaxseed delivers a healthy dose of omega-3 fats, which help promote good blood flow to your noggin.

3/4 cup skim milk (may substitute soy, almond, or rice milk)

1/2 banana

1 1/2 cups frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and/or strawberries)

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth and frothy. If you prefer a thinner smoothie or the blender is having a difficult time processing the ingredients, add an extra splash of milk.

What's your favorite smoothie recipe? Share it on Facebook!

Nutrition Information

Calories – 260

Protein – 10 g

Total Fat – 4 g

Saturated Fat – 0.5 g

Cholesterol – 4 mg

Sodium – 80 mg

Carbohydrate – 50 g

Fiber – 12 g

For more, visit joybauer.comand follow Joy on Facebookand  twitter.

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