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updated 9/6/2011 9:22:10 AM ET 2011-09-06T13:22:10

Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Sept. 6 have expired.

Follow Hip2Save on Facebook page to be alerted the next time Jill’s Steals and Deals airs. And tweet @TODAYshow or @JillMartinTV with the hashtag #StealsandDeals any questions about the products featured or suggestions for future offerings.

Every other Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about five great deals offered by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours.

Neither Jill Martin, TODAY nor Hip2Save profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites and contact information:

Nina Nguyen’s Gem Elite Necklaces
Phone number: (239) 431-7480
Email address: todayshow@nina-nguyen.com

Lissé Cargo Pocket Leggings
Phone number: (888) 685-4773
Email address: lisseleggings@gmail.com

Bonobos Corduroys
Phone number: (877) 294-7737
Email address: ninjas@bonobos.com

Katie & Chloe Stackable Rings
Phone number: (310) 913-2676
Email address: info@KatieandChloe.com

The Stationery Studio’s School Swag and Trendy Tech Bundle
Phone number: (847) 541-5800
Email address: customerservice@thestationerystudio.com

Coastal.com’s Prescription Eyeglasses
Phone number: (866) 333-6888
Email address: customerservice@coastalcontacts.com

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Video: Steals and Deals! Hip2Save offers special discounts

  1. Closed captioning of: Steals and Deals! Hip2Save offers special discounts

    >>> this morning on jill 's steals and deals, we have something for everyone. they brought us these products at deeply discounted prices, exclusively for you watching at home. "today" and " us weekly " contributor jill martin has the skinny on all the buys. people are really tuning in for this. reminder for those late to the party --

    >> late to the party, we had a record week last week. people are really joining in. go on today.com right now. find the items with the codes that will link you to the retailer's website. you will then get the deals. there are only a certain amount of items and only last 24 hours . i am getting a lot of tweets for people missing out.

    >> first, the leggings. they're so soft.

    >> amazing. these are going to fly. these are the lisse leggings, tummy control. they have built-in tummy control. retail , $68. the shape wear sits right here. eliminating muffin top because it's a higher wasted pant. four-way stretch and spandex. panel under the waistband.

    >> the deal?

    >> $68.

    >> let me just tell you more about the pant. again, the cargo pocket comes in small, medium, large, extra large. retail , $68. the deal, $18. that's 74% off. they come in black and moss.

    >> you forgot to tell me about the pocket. i love it.

    >> great.

    >> moving on to men's corduroy. these are available in 11 different colors.

    >> right. these are amazing. these are right up our director joe michael's alley. the retail of these, $98. it's one of the company's top sellers . full range of sizes. 11 colors. look at this fun pattern. can you see this? the lining in each one. amazing. free ground shipping. retail , $98. deal, 39 boy$39.20.

    >> colors are big this fall for men and women. moving on to the jewelry?

    >> jewelry is always big for us. this is the katie and cloe stackable rings. retail , $195. six sets. different combinations of semi precious stones . four gold, two silver, 22 car rhett or sterling silverplating, three rings per set. i stacked six here to show what it would look like. the retail , $195. the deal, $48. 75% off.

    >> these are beautiful.

    >> great to stack up. little packets.

    >> moving on to the stationary, hugely popular. everybody wants things monogrammed and hooked up with their initials.

    >> this is back to school. this let's do do the number one bundle. one personalized stainless steel bottle, one personalized notebook, 200 sheets, laminated bag tag. you get all three things. this is great to put on their knapsacks or go for sports. the deal, $33.67. that's 63% off.

    >> these are good for sororities and things like that to monogram and put your sorority on the front.

    >> this is great, also, yes, if you're going to college. and then here, this is the second deal. this is to dress up your technology for all the techies. retail , $85.90. packet includes one large and one small skin. same design and same personalization. you can have the kindle and your cell phone, ipad. you get one of each. pick six colorful styles. retail , $85.90. the deal, $30. 65% off.

    >> moving right along to the eye wear . this is going to be popular.

    >> ready?

    >> go.

    >> ten styles. retail , $58 to $138. look at all of these names. you get a single prescription.

    >> awesome.

    >> and in that the glasses includes the frames, single prescription, shipping and handling, and insurance for $10. and these are all these major brands right here. you see in front. ten different kinds. some of the lenses retail in stores up to $370. limit one per customer. so $58 to $138. $10 for a pair of glasses. i tested them because i wanted a pair of glasses. brought it into the glasses store and the prescription matched perfectly.

    >> jill , thank you so much. again, the products are the leggings by lisse, men's corduroy by bonobos, rings by katie and chloe, and our mystery web only deal. move over to our new and improved website. go for the promotion codes and websites by these par agains. if you have any questions about these products, jill will be taking your questions on twitter. you're not done yet.

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