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Video: Starting final season, ‘Entourage’ stars ‘hug it out’

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    >>> for the past seven seasons, hbo's hit series, "entourage" has taken viewers inside the world of vincent chase and those who make up his inner circle . now, in the show's eighth and final season, vince is out of rehab, that's good news, and thinking about his next project. but the idea does not go over so well with everyone. take a look.

    >> the main character is an american. mortgages his house, and smuggles hes labrador into romania for survival. anyway, i really think there is a movie in this.

    >> could be.

    >> totally.

    >> a movie for you?

    >> i mean, it could be great, don't you think?

    >> well, i mean, it's not a whole lot of time between now and march.

    >> and i want to direct it, too. i'm going to go to the bathroom. johnnie, order me something good, huh?

    >> i hate that idea. kevin conley, jeremy representatipifan. nice to have you here. i started reading tweets. we should mention to people, the season is wrapped. you shot all of season eight. so you're done. and you started tweeting about what the experience was like and what it was like to have it over and it's clear, this is a big part of your lives and your careers.

    >> kevin is still giving us notes, though. it's awful. he directed an episode. he doesn't realize, the season is over.

    >> but it's a big transition. has it sunk in yet that it's over?

    >> when you have done one thing for so long, it's hard to imagine doing anything else. but i think like the "entourage" rule, we'll persevere and keep going.

    >> have you guys figured out yet why this sunk in pop culture , and some of the words and terms you use on the show became part of our vernacular? i watch sports center a lot. i hear athletes all of the time reference "entourage" moments. have you figured out why that happened?

    >> i don't know. but that was certainly a good sign to me that the show is a hit to watch it and hear it on " sports center ." that was certainly the highlight of the experience for me. certainly for kevin .

    >> i mean, all actors are frustrated athletes. that's the truth. we think of acting as a momentum sport. so the fact that our heroes are quoting us is unbelievable.

    >> and what helped is a lot of those athletes made guest appearances. there were a lot of cameos on this show. in some ways, the cameo became like another character on the program.

    >> yeah, it was definitely crazy. you look at the call sheet sometimes before work and seeing the people that were going to be onset that day, you know?

    >> brady, nicholson, mike tyson .

    >> stoudemire.

    >> you walk to video village and kevin durant is sitting behind the monitors, oh, kevin durant is here.

    >> can i just mention how great you look? you have been here before and i've seen the show and you've lost a lot of weight.

    >> i have. it's been a long road of trying to keep it going. so i'm trying not to blow it, you know?

    >> a couple of things i've got to know. what is ari's wife's name? even in the credits, it says -- mrs. ari. go ahead. what's her name?

    >> you know, i -- i can't tell you.

    >> what do you mean?

    >> but it will be -- we'll have to have a moment and it will be awkward on live television, matt. because i'm not -- it will be revealed within the first few episod episodes.

    >> is it something ridiculous, or is it like susan and we're all going to say, that's it, susan?

    >> maybe.

    >> well, to be --

    >> can i say something?

    >> the way it comes out, things are revealed.

    >> is this going to make me mad when i find out?

    >> no. there is a payoff.

    >> yeah?

    >> and by the way, perry reeves who plays my wife is amazing. and it was her choice to always be called mrs. ari.

    >> last year was a little heavy. all right? and i think some viewers made comments about -- it got -- it got a little heavy. i understand this one is a little lighter. is that true?

    >> yeah, well, vince is back. and he's got to prove to everyone that he's not actually the drug addict that everyone thinks he is.

    >> he's out of rehab, but he's not a drug addict , right? are you worried that the -- the five of you sitting here, it seems like you had such a great experience on the show, not the results on the air, but the process. that it will be hard to relationship indicate that with future projects?

    >> i've actually talked to some of your people and i'm going to do kraft service for you, so i've got that locked. i'm good to go. i don't know about the rest of the team.

    >> but do you worry about not being able to duplicate the rest of this experience?

    >> i think it would be impossible to duplicate. i think it's so unique. you could go on and do ten shows or however many and win academy awards but it will never be as special as this. lightning in a bottle.

    >> by the way, eight years, it doesn't have to end. were you all on board with this?

    >> no, it got cancelled.

    >> we're not on board with it at all.

    >> tomorrow is the --

    >> and what about a movie? there's a lot of talk about movie. are you guys on board with that?

    >> we are on board with that. we're going to continue to do weather-sodes.

    >> will there be a movie?

    >> we're going to try hard to make it happen.

    >> all right. hug it out? do people come up on the street and say "hug it out" and a word we don't say on morning tv?

    >> they didn't yell "cut" and i was looking in casey's eyes and i knew he would be very uncomfortable if i hugged him so i just said it.

    >> i started this whole thing by talking about the tweets. i liked yours. don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened. a wise man said that to you.

    >> yes. actually, our director, david nutter , the moment we wrapped said that to us. and i think it's very true.

    >> wow. good for all of us. seven great seasons so far. we look forward to the eighth. guys, thank you so much.

    >> thank you.

    >> good to have you here. and you can catch the season premier of "entourage" sunday night 10:30 eastern on hbo.