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Explainer: The September issues: What's on the newsstands this month

  • Looking for a little Fall fashion inspiration? Look no further than your current newsstand. This season's terribly heavy magazines are bursting with gorgeous style spreads, celebrity interviews and a whole lotta tweed outfits.

  • Marie Claire

    Celebrity profile: Sarah Jessica Parker shares personal details, such as “sobbing” over one specific New York Post gossip item and the challenges of being a working mom. “You miss [your kids],” she tells Marie Claire. “You annoy them with your sentimental phone calls and Skyping.”

    Standout feature: “My mom and I married the same man”. The headline says it all.

  • O, The Oprah Magazine

    J.Lo makes over 8 “O” readers – all shapes in sizes – in her new clothing line for Kohl’s. She’s also shown cuddling up to now ex-Marc Anthony. (Awkward!)

    Standout feature: “A month of makeovers.” Discover simple, easy and why-didn’t-I think-of-that ways to overhaul your life, everything from improving your marriage to organizing your digital photo library.

  • Cosmopolitan

    Celebrity profile: Dianna Agron of “Glee” on her Eloise-esque upbringing (she was raised in a hotel), dating and dealing with the paparazzi.

    Standout feature: “Fall shopping guide.” Cosmo — when it’s not recounting 1,001 ways to please your man — has some rather solid shopping suggestions, all at terribly reasonable prices.  Check out the affordable spreads on bags, accessories and shoes.

  • Redbook

    Celebrity profile: Sofia Vergara discusses life on the “Modern Family” set and her sexy secrets, including wearing high heels, which she refers to as “immediate liposuction.”

    Standout feature: “My husband was a slut!” One woman comes to terms with her beau’s past, which included a few threesomes, cyber-sex chats and … err, prostitutes.

  • Vogue

    Celebrity profile: Supermodel Kate Moss on her Gatsby-themed wedding, Bridezilla syndrome and her many child bridesmaids. "I wanted [the wedding] to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus,” Moss told Vogue.

    Standout feature: All the colorful, lush designer ads!

  • Good Housekeeping

    Celebrity profile: TODAY alum Meredith Vieira on leaving her early morning day job, family and enjoying life.

    Standout feature: “Anti-aging hair products.”Good Housekeepingtested 73 products on 579 volunteers, took more than 2,700 lab measurements, and tallied 1,055 questionnaires to find 17 top performers that really deliver on their promise of shinier, fuller, younger-looking hair.

  • Harper’s Bazaar

    Celebrity profile: Lea Michele of “Glee” on refusing to get a nose job, leading a quiet home life and her addiction to Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” (Welcome to the club, babe.)

    Standout features: “Katherine Schwarzenegger speaks out.” The daughter of Arnold and Maria recounts her PG-upbringing and why she considered changing her last name, and of course, dealing with parents separation.

    “Iron Lady.” Model Georgia May Jagger channels Margaret Thatcher in chic power suits and big, big hair.

  • InStyle

    Celebrity profile: Beyonce on the secret to her glowing skin, her yearning to start a family and what she’s learned about  herself these past few years.

    Standout feature: “Kardashian closet confidential.” InStyle takes you inside the reality-TV stars’ ridiculous, envy-inducing wardrobes, filled with luxury goodies and designer hand-me-downs from mom Kris Jenner. Standout tip: “Always use the same style of hangers throughout,” advises Kim.

  • Elle

    Celebrity profile: Gwyneth Paltrow recounts getting singing tips from Beyonce the day before the Grammys, dealing with GOOP haters (“Unsubscribe!”), her most recent treasured gift (cooking lessons with Jamie Oliver) and why she prefers not be photographed with her husband.

    Standout feature: “Ray of Light.” Models pose in gorgeous, heavy metallics and futuristic, shimmering jackets — at a tropical beach. For once, not envious of the models!

  • Lucky

    Celebrity profile: Jessica Alba says she's determined to be more than a pretty face and shares her thoughts on modern motherhood. "I get obsessed with how to make [my child's] life as perfect as I can — which means allowing her to make mistakes and act nuts,” Alba told Lucky.

    Standout feature: "Best looks under $50." Who doesn't love a good bargain?

    More: High fashion at low prices - coming to a mall (or website) near you

    You asked, and now Jill Martin answers your closet dilemmas!

Video: Turn your summer fashions into fall wardrobe

  1. Closed captioning of: Turn your summer fashions into fall wardrobe

    >>> this morning on "today's" style, using your summer clothes in the fall. don't paut away those nautical dresses or tank tops just yet because you can create layering. jamie, good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> as we make the transition from summer to fall, is anything pretty much fair game ?

    >> everything is fair game except obviously stay away from your flip-flops or denim cut-up shorts but blouses and dresses will transfer to fall.

    >> we have special ladies to help us through this. first model is beth . she's doing to help us transition her dress from summer to fall.

    >> beth actually loved wearing this summer dress all season long. it has those nautical stripes, nautical rope tie waist. what i did here was all ant layering, layering, layering. long sleeve t-shirt. the dress is over the long sleeve tee. the crop jacket here with faux fur , faux suede, mixed material jacket. that is from lesters.com and under $100, which is great. then, of course, this long chain necklace which is really on trend for the season. the cropped body bag which we're still seeing a lot of. you can wear this long or you can wear it as a clutch. double duty there. that is patricia nash at dill dillard dillard's.com. and mary jane here. those are aerosoles for $99. the stylest are comfortable.

    >> comfortable. looks great. you transitioned that well. the nauticals can still work for you if you have the right layering piece on top.

    >> thank you, beth .

    >> next, we have a picture before of our model christie with this colorful silk tank top which she wore really well through the summer . now let's see how christie is showing off her new look. come on out.

    >> great.

    >> how did you style her?

    >> in the summer she wore this with a white billowy skirt. here for fall, layer cashmere over cashmere. this is $89 exclusively on ideal ideally.com. it doesn't have to cost a fortune. i love experimenting in the fall with heather grays, charcoal grays instead of black.

    >> too basic.

    >> yeah. a little lighter. and then a great boyfriend jean rolled up. that's a really hot style right now. you can roll up your own jeans. those are from jp penny.

    >> the wedge shoes, of course. and then you want to finish it off with a great rich textured bag. this is suede. it's from avon. you can get that at avon.com. and then, of course, the chain detail on the bag which is lady like, classic, and timeless.

    >> you look wonderful as well. thank you so much. next, the summer tank or rather the skirt. we have a model rolly with us in a lightweight cotton skirt. now, more so in the fall. i love this look.

    >> yeah. so these are rally incorporating some of the biggest trends from the runways. but the polka dot , the black and white , the bow tie blouse. that's from bloomingdales, that blouse.

    >> i love the belt.

    >> the belt is from jc penneys , it's only $20. accents in red are really big. but a lot of women don't feel comfortable wearing red so do it with a purse, a bag issue. that is missoni for target. big designer collaboration.

    >> i can't wait for that collection to come out.

    >> counting down the days . and then, a tie-up late booty that will go with everything this season.

    >> i love it with the skirt.

    >> exactly. those are lester.com.

    >> you look great. thank you so much. all righty. and now let's move on to another great summer staple, is i'very pants. and used to be the cardinal room you put the white pants away after labor day , right? but laura is showing us how you can carry this through with your help, of course.

    >> yes. you do not have to stash your white or ivory bapants. you really want a pair of these, i think it's a great idea to do it with a button down blouse. a faux fur vest can go over everything this season.

    >> a lot of people don't like or think you can pull off the look after a certain age but you can make it work.

    >> you can do it for work, the opposite, of course, plaid jacket. plaid is very in style. high-heel loafer shoe. after denner from there with friends. so great vert tallity.

    >> i love it all. all very reasonable prices. ladies, come back out. let's get one last look at you. if you were to invest in one key accessory or trend for fall, what would it be?

    >> i personally love the faux fur vest. i'm a big fan .

    >> we're going to love it. we promise. they all look fantastic. good job with them.

    >> thank you.

updated 8/31/2011 11:00:33 AM ET 2011-08-31T15:00:33


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