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Video: Best of Late Night: Letterman laughs off death threat

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    >> you know who else was pretty happy, all things considered last night is david letterman . a couple weeks ago he got a death threat on the jihadist website. some of the jokes, the guy who runs the website said to his followers, we should cut out the tongue of david letterman . letterman was back on the air for the first time since this story came out. here's how he responded.

    >> we have great audiences night in and night out. tonight especially, it means a lot to me. tonight, you people are more than an audience. you're more like a human shield . i was talking to the guy from cbs. we were going through the cbs life insurance policy to see if i was covered for jihad. i'm an adult, i'm a big boy . it's the major leagues. i told a joke. you know the guy who wrote it. that really. is he up there? there he is right there. that's the guy. i think you'll find this useful. it's a list of people who hate me. here. take a look.

    >> al qaeda , sarah palin , donald trump , jay leno , the late show , the national academy of arts and sciences. dave's mailman, the women, dogs, cats, wall russs, turtles, cats.

    >> dave went on, read the top ten things that went through his mind after he heard about the threat. number six.

    >> should i wear my cavalier hair piece.

    >> i thought nobody watched the show.

    >> how can somebody be so angry at a time when kim kardashian is so happy.

    >> let's all rejoice in her happiness. up next, what if