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Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda tackle Abercrombie’s sticky ‘Situation’

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    >>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

    >> hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday, august 17th . hope you're having a great day. i have to say a little birthday shoutout, not just yours and mine, but andy medina who lives at our house and the gentleman who brings me all of those jokes, the friday funnies, he's 85 today.

    >> it never ended.

    >> we went to lunch after, me, you, frank, christine and taem. we twont milos, and oh, i forgot my $2 bill . there was a nice guy who gave you and frankie a $2 bill .

    >> he was a sweet, sweet man who apparently has money to burn. when you look at the $2 bill , don't you feel like it's not real?

    >> like monopoly.

    >> it doesn't look real.

    >> by the way, our facebook page is full of love.

    >> thank you.

    >> i mean, so many great --

    >> there we were.

    >> look at you two.

    >> know.

    >> the thing is everybody makes a big fuss and everybody is so sweet and you appreciate it so much, but at the same time it's, like, come on.

    >> yeah. yeah. yeah.

    >> at the end of the day i felt bad about that and i was pooh-poohing it, as long as you have a breath you have purpose and be grateful for every year god gives you. especially frank. we said it this morning on the deck. we're alive, we're healthy. blood is flowing through the veins.

    >> i agree. i agree. we have a controversy to talk about. abercrombie & fitch is having a situation.

    >> really.

    >> here's the deal. the situation has been wearing from " jersey shore " has been wearing their clothes and abercrombie & fitch said they don't want him to wear their clothes anymore. they say they will pay him. make a substantial.

    >> substantial.

    >> for him and his posse to please stop wearing their brand on the air. okay?

    >> they wear the sweat pants.

    >> but they said it's tarnishing their image.

    >> we are deeply concerned with the association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. we understand the show is for entertainment purposes, but -- this is the funny part of it to me, with the aspirational nature of our brand and may be distressing to many of our fans. and they urge the other cast members to do the same. i want to get paid to not do something.

    >> have you ever walked by a abercrombie & fitch store and you're with a young child and you ask them to close their eyes because their ads are all like this.

    >> yes!

    >> yes!

    >> their image did is going to be ruined by the jersey shore .

    >> that's all the jersey shore people do. they're in sync. tanning and laundering.

    >> this is the place where they have the push-up bikinis for girls that are 7.

    >> we protest it too much, but we also think it's very funny and probably very smart. what i didn't show you yesterday.

    >> yeah.

    >> you know there's an issue when you get two separate birthday cards from two separate friends and it's the exact same card.

    >> this is a guy named bill whitehead.

    >> can you get a close-up. can you read it, hoda.

    >> excuse me, you dropped something.

    >> yes, it's the running theme. see what she dropped?

    >> that's it.

    >> dropped almost everything and have a happy birthday . i thought it was funny. you can't win them all.

    >> there's a sad story in the reality tv world. if you guys are fans of "the house wives of beverly hills " you know taylor armstrong's husband was found dead. he was found hanging in their house and the cops came after and there was a 911 call. if you're a fan of the show you sort of know, you would have watched their dynamic. if you don't know the show --

    >> which was dissolving pretty quickly.

    >> it was dissolving on air.

    >> let's watch a little clip of how she describes her relationship.

    >> we're working on things. we're knee-deep into so much psycho therapy that i'm sick of myself.

    >> my husband is in therapy and that's weak? i don't know. that hurt my feelings really bad.

    >> i don't blame you.

    >> that wasn't nice and i don't care, because i'm trying to keep my family together.

    >> he committed suicide and they had just -- she had just filed --

    >> they'd just filed for divorce. she had just filed for divorce last month.

    >> it's hard to get people to explain what they think may be ng. his attorney was on the air earlier today and somehow said that there was a reality tv component to his apparent suicide . i mean, basically saying he was trying to pump so much money into their house to keep up this image that it was stressful, this tv image.

    >> it's just hard to know what the truth is because they call it reality television . we talked about this an awful lot, but so much of it is set-up situations. i can't say which are and which aren't. so obviously the man was deeply troubled if he indeed committed suicide . they have not found a suicide and that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. an autopsy will be done tomorrow.

    >> it's tragic all around. they have a 5-year-old little girl . i don't like seeing the kids in these shows anyway, when they're that age especially before they have a chance to have a childhood.

    >> it's big news on the front page in new york.

    >> it's the most successful of the franchise, right?

    >> yeah.

    >> this is something hoda's done a lot, and i know you have, too.

    >> let's pretend here comes that person who gets on your last nerve and you can see them approaching and you don't know what to do because you're trapped and here they come.

    >> so i'm coming up to you.

    >> exactly. and then i gingerly reach for my cell phone . hello? nobody's on the line, but it's something to do to distract me from incoming. do you do things like that just to get away? faking a cell phone call. one in eight people do this.

    >> one in eight people are liars and cheaters.

    >> okay. someone's approaching you and you know it's going to be a long conversation and trouble.

    >> yeah.

    >> what do you do to get out of it?

    >> i just tell the truth. i'm rung because i always am. what's up? and you let them than you're stuck for time and you can leave because i'm always stuck for time. you know that.

    >> you always are.

    >> i'm never saying i'm going home to take a nap. that doesn't happen.

    >> i'm on a plane and i'm sitting next to a chatter box and i'm thinking to myself, oh, my gosh, the whole flight this, guy will be talking nonstop so i reach for the airplane headphones and i plug them into the arm thing and i put them in and there's no music because the plane hasn't started, but i'm pretending like this so the guy starts looking for his headphone headphones and i look over and he reaches around and he plugs his in and nothing's working and he's doing the volume.

    >> now you're getting nervous.

    >> and i'm still pretending. well, he calls the flight attendant and she says the system is not turned on yet, and i am so busted that i don't know what to do that i keep -- i'm, like, mine's on. i was so red handed .

    >> do you have an inner rhythm, hodi, you dance to your own drummer, baby.

    >> am the worst at getting bust busted.

    >> why?

    >> i couldn't take it. you can't be impolite and you're stuck for hours and hours next to him. anyway on.

    >> did he ever say a word to you?

    >> i kept them plugged in and i hardly went to the bathroom. i guess i better just sit here. i felt bad for my lie.

    >> you feel like you're very happily in a dynamic, exciting relationship. it wasn't that way in the beginning. you didn't have a great first date.

    >> well, he thought he we did. i didn't think so, but it got progressively better.

    >> new survey, well, these things happen. one in five men compared to half as many women say for them it was love at first sight .

    >> when do you know it's the right guy? how many dates did it take to know it was the right person for you? it took for sure, for sure, four months to know for sure. they say men know in three dates.

    >> men are so visual. it's all about the on.

    >> the chemistry.

    >> yeah. yeah. yeah.

    >> women say they knew in six dates if he was the right one for them. that seems quick. what about for you and frank?

    >> we were friends for four years before we went on a date. four years to really know. look at you, two.

    >> and your bra strap, the three of you.

    >> i think you have to go through a cycle of a year. you like the four seasons rule, and i think it's smart, hoda, because you think things through sometimes. you go through four seasons with somebody to see them in the ups and downs in life with the ebb and flow.

    >> you have a job and lose a job and see them on the worst and best day.

    >> think you judge everything in the first six dates you're doomed.

    >> it's all physical about that.

    >> and then you have the hot thing happening that hodi still has.

    >> i like it!

    >> would you be happy if this happens?

    >> in canada, colleen lippord thought she was going to her friend's engagement party .

    >> not only did he propose to her on the spot. that moment was also their wedding day. watch this thing.

    >> will you marry me?

    >> right now? [ bleep ].

    >> is she happy? i don't know.

    >> look, if someone proposed to me and everybody was -- i -- who wants that, really? it looks joyous there. apparently colleen's happy.

    >> he had asked her all along for, like a year.

    >> what kind of a dress would you want? what's the shoes you would want? and they're in the wedding party ? what music would you want?

    >> who is doing that? i don't know one single guy who would ever be able to plan a wedding with the shoes and the bridesmaids dresses.

    >> what do you think?

    >> i know a few who could. let's just hope it lasts, okay? we wish them a lot of happiness because after 25 years everything drops and you start dragging it around on the street. you better love what's inside of her. you better like somebody. you better like them because you'll be dragging it along for a long time.

    >> here's the question. would you -- would you wednesday, there's joanne. if you were walking and someone was behind you and your tag was sticking out would you want someone to tell you, hey, by the way, your tag's sticking out on the back.

    >> i would so appreciate that. i have done that so many times for people.

    >> joanne took this picture of someone walking down the street.

    >> that's rude to take her picture and show it on national television. to walk up to someone and say your tag. that is so nice. i met brooke shields and she said i'm sorry, but your label's showing on your back. she was 15 years old. what about spinach in your teeth.

    >> i don't care.

    >> what if it says your size.

    >> it depends on the day and the article of clothing.

    >> one time, i have to be honest. one time there was a woman in los angeles , and i did not care for her. you know what i mean ? she was not my favorite person and we were in the ladies room together and that was back when everyone wore pantyhose and we were both in the stall and it was a black tie event and she was finished in the stall and walked out and her entire skirt was tucked in her pantyhose and on.

    >> what happened?

    >> and there was also toilet paper. we're standing there getting the hands washed and i'm thinking --

    >> did you tell her?

    >> i so wanted to let her go out, and i didn't. i said oh, by the way, you you've got -- oh, my gosh, isn't that awful?

    >> your such a nice person.

    >> there is a place in hell for people that do that.

    >> indeed.

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