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Video: Colbert Super PAC supports Rick ‘Parry’

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    >>> there will be others who say steven colbert , what will you do with that unrestricted superpac money? to which i say i don't know, give it to me and let's find out.

    >> in tonight's rewrite, steven colbert rewrites rick perry . he actually just rewrites rick perry 's name and in the process answers the question, steven colbert , what will you do with all that unrestricted superpac money that's he's been collecting, and he's been collecting it from contributors he calls his heros.

    >> but remember, it's not just your ideas i want, i also want your cash. so much that i put the names of the brave americans who donate on my crawl of heros down here. of course, colbert 's superpac is all about building bridges , that is why i was truly gratified recently to receive a contribution from arab american viewer suq madiq. [ cheers and applause ]

    >> he can be so juvenile. the first thing that colbert 's superpac has done is create an ad for rick perry . the ad is aimed at participants in this weekend's straw poll in ames, iowa , urging them to write in the name rick perry , who is not officially participating in the iowa straw poll . the colbert superpac issued a press release today issuing the content and intent of their ad supporting rick perry . "the ad entitled "episode 4, a new hope," urges iowans to write in the name of texas governor rick perry . thanks to last year's supreme court ruling, superpacs can receive and spend unlimited amounts of money as long as they do not coordinate with a particular candidate, because that would be wrong. also illegal. currently, there are seven different superpacs vying to become the primary recipient of that sweet, unlimited, perry cash. i called dibs on rick perry a long time ago, said steven colbert , president and assistant equipment manager. i realize he has the tough talk, the cowboy boots and history of shooting coyotes during morning jogs, so if anybody is going to be taking unlimited donations and then not be coordinating with his campaign, it's going to be not us. so to prove we're truly uncoordinated, we're asking those to write in perry with an "a" as in america , iowa , or president. you can feel confident he's not asking us to do that." the new ad begins airing today across the greater des moines metro plex, colbert 's superpac is a committee dedicated to empowering citizens to embrace freedom, liberty, and freeberty. the superpac is officially known as americans for a better tomorrow , but if you give them enough money, you can call them whatever you want . america , i give you steven colbert 's very first use of the dirty, filthy campaign money he's been collecting in his effort to subvert the american democratic process .

    >> a storm is gathering over iowa , a money storm. out of state groups like grow pac and jobs for iowa pac are flooding the iowa air waves, telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll . they think they can buy your vote with their unlimited superpac money. but americans for a better tomorrow tomorrow ask what about our unlimited superpac money? we want you to vote for rick perry too, but not their rick perry . our rick perry . on august 13 , write in rick parry . that's parry with an "a" for america ,

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