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IMAGE: Nicollette Sheridan
Access Hollywood
updated 8/12/2011 8:23:29 AM ET 2011-08-12T12:23:29

Marc Cherry might have said he has a plan to pay homage to all of the characters from Wisteria Lane during the final season of “Desperate Housewives,” but former series star Nicollette Sheridan remains dismissive about her Edie Britt character returning to the ABC series.

“Well, unfortunately they killed her, she’s dead,” Nicollette told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday in New York.

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“You could always come back,” Kit suggested.

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“But not on good television,” the actress, who was promoting her new Hallmark Channel movie, “Honeymoon For One,” said.

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“How about a sequence, Edie in the sky looking down or something? Would you do it?” Billy pressed. “Can we give it a ‘We’ll see,’ or is it a 'no'?”

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“Who knows if any of that is even happening,” the actress said of Cherry’s plan to honor all the show’s stars.

“Too early to speculate?” Billy asked.

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“Probably so,” the 47-year-old actress added.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Marc shared his final season plan with reporters at the ABC portion of the Television Critics Association Summer Session last week.

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“I don’t know how I would do that,” Marc said in response to a question from a reporter about Nicollette’s character coming back or paying tribute to her. “But I have an idea for the last episode, in which I want to pay homage to everyone who’s been there.”

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Video: Sheridan on return to ‘Housewives’: ‘News to me’

  1. Closed captioning of: Sheridan on return to ‘Housewives’: ‘News to me’

    >>> new hallmark channel , "honeymoon for one" nicolette sheridan heads off to an irish castle for an idyllic honeymoon alone.

    >> in the movie she plays eve parker, who finds out her fiance has been cheating on her, she's alone and upset. but i'm guessing possibly a happy ending?

    >> it's hallmark --

    >> hallmark sucks you in, doesn't it?

    >> she's here with us today. it's so nice to see you again.

    >> likewise, it's been a long time. i watched this movie this morning, this is a hunk of an irish guy who happens to be an english guy, you're a gorgeous englishwoman who happens to -- i didn't know that.

    >> how did i know you were going to bring him up and he asked about you. he's looking forward to coming and meeting you.

    >> i didn't know that.

    >> yes.

    >> he's adorable, i had never seen him before. he's quite charming.

    >> he's done quite a few things. he was in " sense and sensibility ." he's actually a wonderful, wonderful actor.

    >> there he is. look at -- everybody bumps into people and everybody falls off horses.

    >> a boot to the bum.

    >> you didn't like him in the beginning, it takes a little while?

    >> he's a rough irishman.

    >> he who wants to save the irish countryside from developers, such as what donald trump is doing in scotland , trying to build a golf course there.

    >> must we bring that up? we must save the environment.

    >> but what do we lose? when we get --

    >> there's already great golf courses over there.

    >> they could have did the natterjack toad .

    >> i would love to tell you i know what a natterjack toad is, but i don't. what's wrong with your finger?

    >> i call this my girdle.

    >> that's the only place you need one.

    >> thank you, darling. i had a little horse accident in january.

    >> while were you shooting this?

    >> no, no, no. that was a complete success. all the stunts went swimmingly well. but when i came home to attend to my four horses, one of them is a strong young horse and i was lunging him which is when you have them on the end of a rope and he's galloping around and he bolted. and i thought i'm going to hold him and i am superwoman and i grabbed the rope and flew through the air, 20 feet through the air and landed and snapped my finger off.

    >> off?

    >> yeah.

    >> it's a reattached finger?

    >> well, it snapped that way -- yes.

    >> oh, my gosh. but you are an accomplished horsewoman, i understand. in the movie you play a woman who has never been on one before? it was good acting. because you looked like.

    >> thank you very much. it allowed me to do whatever it was i wanted to do. when you know what you're doing, you can look like you're hanging off the horse and you won't break your neck. there was a large allure, riding a beautiful white steed across the wild irish countryside.

    >> had you been to ireland before?

    >> no, growing up in england, i hadn't been there, and actually i had never been to scotland , either?

    >> how gorgeous is scotland ?

    >> i've got to go.

    >> now, listen, there's news, we'll talk about a little later in today's buzz, they just announced it's the last season of "desperate housewives." i saw in the paper today that they're hoping you're going to come back for it.

    >> that's news to me.

    >> have you read the papers?

    >> i haven't. i had to get ready to come do your show.

    >> read it and answer billy's question.

    >> if asked by mark cherry and the producers, would you come back and edie britt , you were nominated for the golden globe in 2005 . it's a great character, would you come back and do it?

    >> i had an amazing time playing that character, i loved doing it, but they killed her, she's dead.

    >> it's turning into a daytime soap opera ?

    >> in other words, she's dead -- no. i think she said no.

    >> nicolette, great to see you. terrific to see you. when does this air?

    >> "honeymoon for one"? it better be saturday on the hallmark channel . if not, i've got do change my plans.