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Video: Kutcher replaces Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'

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    >>> it's official. ashton kutcher has ended charlie sheen 's hopes of joining "two and a half men." charlie sheen wasn't taking the news quietly.

    >>> it's charlie sheen 's turn to get "punked" by ashton kutcher . 33-year-old kutcher will fill the spot left vacant by sheep on the number one tv show "two and a half men." big names like rob lowe , woody harelson , and hugh grant circulated. but one tweet seemed to end the speculation. what is the square root of 6.25? the answer, two and a half. kutcher has a large fan base from "punked" and "that 70s show " and he has millions of followers on twitter and is married to demi moore . he brings creativity, energy, and personality to everything he touches. we are thrilled to have him. according to reports, kutcher will get a huge payday. but not the $2 million an episode sheen earns. a new character will be written into the story and the cast and crew will remain intact.

    >> ashton kutcher , the one thing he brings is energy, freshness. that will be a jolt. that jolt could be good for the show.

    >> sheen was fired over two months ago after a number of incident where is he displayed increasingly erratic behavior and engage in a well publicized dispute with the show's kraekt tore, chuck lorre . sheen told nbc in an interview.

    >> everyone thinks should be begging for my job back and i want to forewarn them that it's everyone else that will be begging me for their job back.

    >> all of that, sheen recanted.

    >> i'll look back and say rehire me.

    >> kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer -- oh, wait, so am i. and not without one last jab to his former boss -- enjoy planet chuck, ashton, there's no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there. the question now, will the audience keep laughing, and is charley sheen still winning. for today, christian welker, nbc news, los angeles .