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Video: Newsweek’s Bachmann cover photo causes stir

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    >>> presidential politics . republican hopeful michele bachmann has grabbed her share of the early headlines, but now her most recent magazine cover has caused quite a stir for all the wrong reasons. nbc's andrea mitchell has details on this story.

    >> she has rocketed to become the front-runner in iowa in the critical days before this week's straw poll . but now michele bachmann faces a whole new challenge, an unflattering " newsweek " cover.

    >> we're going to have a ball.

    >> reporter: campaigning in iowa michele bachmann is energetic, focus, taking aim at president obama .

    >> when the ratings downgrade came out last week, where was president obama ? he rushed to the microphone to give confidence to the american people ? he got in a helicopter, he took off for the weekend.

    >> reporter: some say she's unphased by this week's " newsweek " cover photo captured as "the queen of rage."

    >> have you seen it yet?

    >> i have not.

    >> big close-up, wild eyed photo with the headline "queen of rage."

    >> a-ha. we'll have to take a look at this, won't we?

    >> reporter: in a statement tina brown says michele bachmann 's intensity is galvanizing voters in iowa right now and they captured that.

    >> it's a very provocative photo. she's a very provocative candidate. she's stirring a lot of intense passions among the electorate and a lot of intense passions among her own party. i think the cover shows that.

    >> reporter: how could a woman so attractive look so bad.

    >> she looks blank and confused. i did think it was unfair.

    >> reporter: in the cover story bachmann tells " newsweek ," you used the word anger. it's not anger. americans aren't expressing unhinged anger, people are saying it's not working.

    >> do not raise the debt ceiling.

    >> reporter: but she's also generating excitement among evangelical voters key to winning in iowa and south carolina by make nothing apology for her positions on social issues. on sunday bachmann was in an iowa church where the pastor played a video celebrating the so-called conversion of a gay man who says he's now straight. also controversial bachmann 's own must reads. one includes a book defending slavery.

    >> i don't think we have seen a candidate with sort of the views and frankly, the extreme views that she holds last in national politics.

    >> reporter: the " newsweek " cover is not bachmann 's first crash with the mediamedia. on fox news one day she was asked, are you a flake? the anchor apologized. bachmann 's advisers believe that talk about the " newsweek " cover will only help her with conservative primary voters president.

    >> andrea mitchell , thank you so much this morning.

    >>> let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. good morning.

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