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IMAGE: From Justin to Kelly
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"From Justin to Kelly" is considered to be one of the worst films ever made, winning the Golden Raspberry Award for "Worst 'Musical' of Our First 25 Years" in 2005.
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Last week was pretty great for Constantine Maroulis. The "American Idol" contestant landed a role in "Rock of Ages," the upcoming movie musical that uses 1980s hits to tell a Sunset Strip love story. That means he'll co-star with Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin, and Mary J. Blige: Not bad for a film debut.

Plus, the movie makes Maroulis the latest "American Idol" contestant to act on screen. Let's call them the "American Idol" Film and Television Society.

But who are the Society's officers? The rebels? The outcasts? Here are the most prominent members of this exclusive club:

Member Name: Jennifer Hudson

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"Idol" history: 7th place on Season 3

Society Activities: After her surprising ouster from "Idol" in 2004, Hudson disappeared, and we understandably assumed that we'd never hear from her again. Except we did. In 2007 Hudson thundered into theaters as Effie White in "Dreamgirls," eventually winning an Oscar for her performance. Since then, she's appeared in "Sex and the City" and "The Secret Life of Bees," and she'll co-star in next year's "Three Stooges" movie.

Society Position: President for Life

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Member Name: Katharine McPhee

"Idol" History: Runner-up on Season 5

Society Activities: McPhee's albums didn't sell very well, but she got good reviews for a supporting role in "The House Bunny" and was outstanding in a guest spot on the NBC comedy "Community." This winter, she'll star as an aspiring actress in "Smash," NBC's behind-the-scenes drama about a Broadway musical. If the show's a hit — and the preview clips look promising — then she could earn serious respect. But she's also appearing in "Shark Night 3D," which is nothing more than an excuse to see limbs get severed in an extra dimension, so it could balance out.

Society Position: Leader of the Junior Achievers Committee

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Member Name: Fantasia Barrino

"Idol" History: Winner of Season 3

Society Activities: Look, people. "Life is Not a Fairy Tale." Do you know how we know? Because that is the name of Fantasia's autobiography, and it's also the name of her autobiographical Lifetime movie. In which Fantasia plays herself. Maybe her performance isn't sophisticated, but the movie is so charmingly earnest that it's easy to love. Therefore, Fantasia will always be welcome at Society parties. Plus, she got rave reviews for starring in the Broadway musical "The Color Purple," so she could still land a great film.

Society Position: Hospitality Chair and Official Debunker of Fairy Tales

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Member Name: Carrie Underwood

"Idol" History: Winner of Season 4

Society Activities: Apparently, Carrie Underwood had a few weeks off between her sold-out concert tours and her utter domination of country music, so earlier this year, she popped up in the movie "Soul Surfer." She plays Sarah Hill, a youth minister whose young parishioner gets her arm eaten by a shark. Like everything else Underwood touches, the movie was a success, so even if she never acts again, she's going out a winner.

Society Position: Visiting Dignitary

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Member Names: Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini

"Idol" History: Winner and runner-up, respectively, on Season 1

Society Activities: Since "Idol," Clarkson and Guarini have gone their separate ways. She's a global superstar, and he's a hard-working theater actor. On film, however, they will always be peers. They will always be the co-stars of "From Justin to Kelly," one of the worst movies ever made. You could call it a romantic comedy with songs, but that would miss the exquisitely terrible acting, the laughable choreography, and the Razzie Award for worst musical since 1981. Unsurprisingly, Justin and Kelly never get invited to Society banquets.

Society Positions: Their membership applications were misfiled.

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Video: Watch the trailer for 'Shark Night 3D'

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